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Keep your email list healthy with this automated routine

Got 15 minutes? Let’s give your email marketing program an energy boost. I’m taking you behind the scenes of this automated routine I created to keep my email list healthy. Learn why list health matters, so you can keep yours “pruned” for better email deliverability and higher open and click-through

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If you send more email, will people get annoyed and unsubscribe?

A big concern I get about sending more email is this: “If I send more emails, won’t people get annoyed and unsubscribe?” Let’s dive into this because it’s a gut-clenching worry that keeps business owners from sending the trust-building emails that will truly benefit their businesses (and bottom lines). If

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How to find newsletter topics that subscribers WANT to read

When you sit down to write your email newsletter, do you struggle to find good ideas and topics? I’m sharing a quick and repeatable technique for finding ideas any time you need them — specifically, ideas for emails that subscribers are going to want to open up and read. Join

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Paige Swaffer

Conversion Copywriter

Paige helps growth-hungry teams uncork hidden profit potential with campaign copy that converts.

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