Copy Coaching

Because sometimes cheap DIY courses and late-night Googling just won't cut it...

Bring a copy coach to help you hone your writing-for-sales skills. So you can put out more profitable pages, emails, and ads. 

Selling online isn't easy

That’s because there’s an art and science to it. 

If you’re struggling with a problem that’s standing in the way of more sales (or worse: any sales!)…

The good news is: I can help. 

As a certified conversion copywriter and sales funnel strategist, I use a process and techniques that work: 

Words I’ve written have directly made $12,900 – $150,000 for my clients.

Sadly, your late-night Googling and cheap DIY courses can only get you so far. 

What you need now is a powerful problem-solver who can…

   → help you diagnose the root of the issue, 

   → figure out what to do next, and then 

   → tell you how to do it. 

So, you can break through to that next level of success.

When you desperately need a pro's guidance
(without the investment of a done-for-you project)

Consult with a pro who has a track record of results.

$150K in course sales in 2.5 days

131 new paying clients in a month

77 new members in 4 days

1000+ ebooks sold in 30 days

Spend 60 minutes with me lazer-focused on your biggest, baddest issue

– be it your…

Online Selling System

Here are some sales funnel issues you might be stuck on:

“I’m building an online business from scratch. Where do I get started?” 

“What should my sales funnel look like? 

“How do I sell my course, ebook, services, membership… online?”

“What’s the easiest way to soft launch to get my first customers?”

“How do I put together a simple marketing plan to attract buyers?” 

Sales Copywriting

Here are some copywriting issues you might be stuck on:

“How do I figure out who my ideal buyer is?” 

“How many emails do I need? What should they say?”

“How do I know what to say to get people to buy?”

“Can you show me how to do voice-of-customer research for my course?”

“My sales funnel isn’t converting well. How do I figure out what’s wrong?”

Every session is customized to fit whatever business block you're facing right now

The outcomes are powerful, but the process is super simple.
Here’s what you can expect:

1. You Schedule a session

Book your consulting sessions as needed via the online booking link. You can choose the day and time that best suits your schedule (without all the pesky email tag).

2. we work the problem

We meet on Zoom at the scheduled time to discuss. We may need to share screens, go over your data, ask smart questions, or design marketing experiments.

3. get answers, detailed plans or next steps

The outcome of our session will depend on the scope and complexity of your problem. You might get concrete answers, or a detailed plan, or next steps for moving forward.

What do consulting "wins" look like?

That all depends on what issue we’re focused on. 
See what past clients have said about their consulting sessions:

"She discovered an overlooked opportunity for lead generation”

Paige went through the entire map for the funnel with me and was able to quickly identify a few issues that could help with the lack of conversion. She also discovered an overlooked opportunity for lead generation in the current funnel that is a quick and easy win.
Mariana Norton
Business Strategist

"Paige is better than 99.99999%
of the marketers I know..."

Paige gets funnels, conversion copywriting & systems better than 99.99999% of the marketers I know. If I could rent her brain on the regular, I would. Oh wait, I did. I hired Paige to partner on a sales funnel project that required big-picture strategy & attention to the finest of details.
Kira Hug
The Copywriter Club

Choose A single session or the bundle

Lock in 1 extra consulting session for free when you choose The Optimizer Bundle

Small issue? Want to start slowly? Choose with a single session.

The Optimizer Bundle

2000 USD for 5 sessions

Get five 6o-minute consulting sessions (for the price of 4).

This is recommended for ongoing selling support. Sessions can be used within 6 months.

Purchase your package to get your VIP booking link.

The Quick Hit Session

500 USD per session

Get one 60-minute consulting session. (Sure, you can upgrade later.) 

This is best for solving the #1 specific problem that’s holding your business back right now.

Click ^ to see available days and times.

Have questions? Please send them to

Smart questions, simple answers

I focus on solving problems in the areas of online selling strategy (i.e. sales funnels) and sales-focused copywriting.

Beyond that, I specialize in selling training and expertise offers like online courses, memberships, coaching programs, and professional services. 

If you’re not sure if I can help, send me an email with a brief overview of your business issue to before booking. 

I’ll let you know either way. 

All sessions are held on Zoom. You get your meeting room link in the confirmation email after booking. 

Yes, by default. 

I do this to provide you with the recording, so you don’t have to take meticulous notes. 

**Recordings are not used in any other way.**

You can always request to NOT record the session with the understanding, of course, that no recording can be provided to you afterward.

Please come prepared with whatever data, links, examples, and info you have to help me get up-to-speed on your issue quickly.

That way, we can use our time to solve problems.

Sessions are booked with a minimum 48-hour notice.

One-off “Quick Hit” sessions are subject to availability. You can see those days and times from the booking link above.

Clients who choose The Optimizer Bundle are welcome to reach out to me directly if there’s low availability in a specific week.

I’ll do my best to work you in. 

There is no refund policy for consulting sessions (with one exception – see below). 

I request that you respectfully reschedule at least 48 hours in advance via the rescheduling link provided by Calendly or by emailing me: 

To respect both of our schedules, please note that no-shows for booked sessions are considered rendered and will not refunded or rescheduled after the fact. 

So, please avoid a no-show situation if at all possible.

In the case of emergencies or extreme circumstances, please do email me. I realize that sometimes life happens unexpectedly. And my focus is always to serve you and your business.

If your issue falls outside of my area of expertise, I will offer you a full refund – no questions asked. 

When scheduling your session, I do ask for some background info to help me prepare for our call.

Please be descriptive when booking so that we can make sure you get the help you need.