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Messaging research projects start at $4.5K. Single asset projects (like a sales page or email sequence) start at $8.5K. Full funnel or launch projects start at $15K. All projects are quoted to scope.

"We had a 58% increase in our conversion rate..."

“77 new members joined over the last 4 days - plus our first new member to join at the new, higher rate… We had a 58% increase in our conversion rate and your copywriting changes played a big part...”
Kimberly Taylor
Take Back Your Temple
“Paige is a truly gifted copywriter - thorough, dedicated and super easy to work with. The campaign she wrote for us has been harnessing way above average results so far! I highly recommend her services."
Andrea Taylor
Professional Photographers of America
“Paige is good. Dangerously good. I was blown away by both her skill and her streamlined process. Highly communicative throughout... and of course, wickedly good at writing conversion copy.”
Ryan Schwartz
Empire Engineering