How to set up a webinar promo funnel automation (example + demo)

Using freebies to grow your list and webinars to sell your stuff?

Here’s how you can AUTOMATICALLY promote your upcoming evergreen webinar to new subscribers who’ve just downloaded your PDF, watched a training, finished a free course, or completed a 5-day challenge.

In this video, I’m walking you through how to set up a simple webinar promo funnel automation.

You’re going to see/find out:

→ how the webinar promo funnel connects new subscribers to your core sales process

→ the simple automated webinar promo blueprint and how it works

→ the 4 core automation actions you’ll need (and why)

→ the 1 action you need to pull subscribers out of the promo automation once they register for your webinar

→ a full step-by-step demo where I show you how to set up the automation

This demo is quick and actionable.

So take a break, grab a coffee, and join me in the video.

Tools: ActiveCampaign


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