How to set up a simple welcome sequence automation (example + demo)

A compelling welcome sequence helps you create trust and start a relationship with new subscribers when their interest in your company is at its HIGHEST

— right after they signup.

In this video, I’m walking you through how to set up a simple welcome sequence automation.

You’ll see/learn:

✅ How the welcome sequence works
✅ Strategic ideas for what to send in each email
✅ The 2 ways you can integrate this into your larger sales funnel
✅ A step-by-step demo you can follow to set up your own welcome automation
✅ The smarter way to integrate this automation with freebie funnels, webinar promos, and other funnels you might be using
✅ A pro tip for segmenting subscribers so you can point them toward paid products and programs right for them

Take a break, grab a coffee, and join me in this video.

Tools: ActiveCampaign | Divi

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