How to set up a simple “work with me” automation

Freelancers, service providers, and coaches –

Do you wish you could automate your inbound lead flow?

You can use this simple “work with me” email automation to turn new subscribers into leads on cruise control. So you can spend more time on the activities that will grow your business and bring in more cash flow.

In this automation tutorial, you’ll see:

✅ How the “work with me” automation brings in more leads on autopilot
✅ 2 pathways for turning subscribers into leads
✅ the 2-4 tools you need to automate your lead flow
✅ a step-by-step demo you can follow to set this up yourself
✅ how to connect this automation to your freebie funnels

Take a break, grab a coffee, and let’s automate your lead flow!

Tools: ActiveCampaign | Divi | Typeform | Calendly

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