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How should your funnel fit together?

A YouTube viewer recently asked me this: “I’m trying to figure out how [the funnel pieces] all link together. Where do they sit? Are they paid ads for funnels and landing pages? Are they linked deliberately or kept separate?” Well, it depends. In a typical funnel (the way I define

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That time a lower conversion rate generated MORE sales

We’re all obsessed with conversion rates — and for good reason: They’re a measuring stick for funnel success. They tell you the percentage of people who took an action out of the pool of people who were exposed to that action — like downloading an ebook, joining a webinar, or

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Membership increases funnel conversions by 58% in 2 weeks [case study]

When you want more sales from an existing funnel, it’s time to optimize. How can you modify the funnel to get more conversions? For landing pages and sales pages, you’re looking to increase your current conversion rate (i.e. signups, registrations, actual sales). For emails, you’re looking to increase open rates

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Paige Swaffer

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