The root cause of most funnel failures (and what’s blocking you from anything “that converts”)

A business owner reached out for a “website that converts.”

So, I sent back a few questions:

  • What does your sales process look like?
  • How do you plan to send traffic to this website?
  • How are you growing your niche reputation with potential customers?

You see…

I was trying to gauge whether or not this prospect had the right marketing and sales foundation to benefit from any conversion-focused website I could write for him.

It turns out, this guy was just starting out online. He had no marketing foundation in place — no presence, no following, no email list, and no reputation.

It didn’t mean I couldn’t help him. I absolutely could.

It just meant …

A website wasn’t the only thing he’d need if he wanted to get more clients online.

We had to put a marketing system in place.

I was 100% honest with this guy:

“I could write you the best website in the world, but right now you have don’t have the system in place to benefit from it. If you want conversions, here’s what we’re going to have to do first…”

I’ve written sales pages that have made over $100,000 in the space of a few days because those companies had the right foundation in place to get big results.

I’ll repeat that:

They had the right foundation in place to get big results.

I could use the same exact process for any company without the right system in place (i.e., no list, no offer validation, no clear understanding of who you serve) and the campaign might not break even, much less make a profit.

The skill level hasn’t changed — the system has.

The root cause of most marketing failures is focusing on tactics while ignoring the system they’re embedded in.

That’s why I’m such a funnel nerd.

It’s because a funnel is a system of landing pages, emails, sales pages, and more you need to effectively sell your stuff online:

  • Your traffic strategy sends people to your website.
  • Your lead magnet converts them into leads (AKA subscribers).
  • Your webinar turns warm leads into piping hot leads.
  • Your sales page converts those leads into new customers, clients, students, and members.
  • Your emails connect all those steps together, both nurturing people and following up.

Do you now see why this business guy couldn’t get a website that converted without also working on other important pieces in the system?

He also had to…

  • get people to the website,
  • capture leads or book consult calls (←the website could do this), and then
  • have a sales process for turning those leads into clients.

Even an amazing website doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

It needs other elements to succeed.

If you’ve got something on your mind that isn’t working right now, take a loooooonnnnggg hard look at the system around it.


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