How to set up a simple free course funnel automation (example + demo)

A free course funnel can help you grow your email list and (surprise!) create more potential buyers. Interesting, right?!

In this video, I’m walking you step by step through how to set up a simple free course funnel automation. It works for both email-only courses and video courses — and almost anything in between.

You’ll see/learn:

✅ how free course funnel can help you create more ideal buyers
✅ the simple free course funnel blueprint and how it works
✅ the 2 core tools you’ll need to make this funnel work
✅ a real-life free course automation I’ve used in my business
✅ the 4 core automation actions you’ll need (and why)
✅ a full step-by-step demo where I set up this automation

It’s quick, actionable, and full of strategic funnel tips.

Take a break grab, a coffee, and join me in the video.

Tools: ActiveCampaign | Divi | Teachable

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