The 4-letter word most marketers avoid (and how it affects the success of your online business)

Risk. ← It’s a topic most marketers avoid.

I despise risk. You won’t find me at the slot machines or investing in the stock market. That stuff’s too uncertain for me.

I much rather have a sure thing. Who wouldn’t?

Sadly, like most things in this world, there are very few (if any) sure things when you’re building an online business.

That’s because every business carries some degree of risk.

And brand new businesses carry more than others:

Will people pay for this?
Is this what people want from me?
Can I make this business profitable?

That’s why I rarely recommend a big, complex funnel build for a new and unproven business.

(Read on to find out what I recommend instead.)

Sure, a funnel can be transformative for an online business with the right foundation — things like

  • an offer that already sells,
  • a strong understanding of their ideal buyer, and
  • a somewhat established audience.

But for new companies, there’s just too much risk to go all in and expect a profitable outcome. Instead…

I prefer a safer, incremental approach.

Here are a few ways I help my clients de-risk their new(ish) businesses:

✓ Instead of building one big funnel, we build it incrementally.

We start by setting up lead pathways. Once we have some leads flowing coming in, we can focus on turning those leads into customers.

✓ Instead of guessing or making assumptions on what ideal buyers need, we use customer research techniques to find out.

Basing decisions on real-world experiences helps us have more confidence that we’re selling the right things.

✓ Instead of doing one big expensive all-or-nothing launch, we do small beta launches a few times first.

This helps us refine the offer, get feedback to make it better, prove people will pay for it, and collect testimonials and case studies.

✓ Instead of jumping straight to automated selling, I encourage 1-on-1 sales conversations. (FYI, if you can’t sell it 1-on-1 it’s highly unlikely you’ll sell it at scale.)

You learn so much from those early sales conversations that can save you months of wasted effort.

My point is:

Risk is a reality — even if everyone else pretends it’s not there.

It’s important to talk about it.

It’s even more important to use smart techniques to reduce or remove it.

If you’d love to partner with a professional that uses a smarter, safer, de-risking approach to help you build your online business…

I’m your lady.


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