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How to set up a simple “work with me” automation

Freelancers, service providers, and coaches – Do you wish you could automate your inbound lead flow? You can use this simple “work with me” email automation to turn new subscribers into leads on cruise control. So you can spend more time on the activities that will grow your business and

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How to set up a webinar promo funnel automation (example + demo)

Using freebies to grow your list and webinars to sell your stuff? Here’s how you can AUTOMATICALLY promote your upcoming evergreen webinar to new subscribers who’ve just downloaded your PDF, watched a training, finished a free course, or completed a 5-day challenge. In this video, I’m walking you through how

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A jealous kitty teaches a conversion copywriting lesson

In Spring 2019, the universe sent me a new kitty. Looking back, it was perfect timing. A month or so earlier, my husband and I had to put down one of the beloved kitties that moved with us from Finland. RIP Ceci Her terminal illness had finally reached the point

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Keep your email list healthy with this automated routine

Got 15 minutes? Let’s give your email marketing program an energy boost. I’m taking you behind the scenes of this automated routine I created to keep my email list healthy. Learn why list health matters, so you can keep yours “pruned” for better email deliverability and higher open and click-through

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