What gardening teaches us about business growth

If you’re having trouble hitting growth goals, it might be time to “plant” your marketing campaigns in bigger “pots.” 🌼 Let me tell you what I mean:


Today I was doing my watering.

I have to water every day now. And I like to do it in the morning because it’s getting hotter in Tennessee. And it’s really dry right now. So you have to water your potted plants anyway, but you have to water them every day now because they will die if you don’t.

I was watering these beautiful tropical flowers in these small wooden boxes and noticed they were still pretty small. They haven’t grown a whole lot since they were planted.

I have that plant in a different color (it’s the same plant in a different pot) elsewhere on the porch. It’s thriving. It’s getting a lot bigger and has more blooms.

I’ll show you what it looks like, here in a second, when I get up here.

But I couldn’t help but notice the difference in how they’ve grown even though they started out in relatively the same place.

I’ll show you what it looks like. You can see there are a lot more blooms on it.


I’m not a gardener by any means. I definitely don’t have a green thumb. I wouldn’t say that. I kill plants too easily.

But I know that potted plants will grow to a certain threshold – whatever their pot can support. Once they hit that threshold, if you want them to grow, you have to replant them and put them in
a bigger pot.

I couldn’t help but notice the connection to business.

Because it’s kind of the same thing, right?

Your business will grow up to a certain point. Once you hit that threshold, you have to upgrade something.

In marketing, often it’s your systems, your campaigns, those lead-gen and sales systems that you’re using. You have to optimize those systems and optimize the copy that you’re using to reach your ideal buyers.

So you can see higher conversion rates and fuel your business with more sales, more revenue and, you know, give it the fuel you need to grow.

Once you hit that threshold, if you don’t look at your systems, your copy, your messaging, your growth will often slow and could eventually even completely stagnate. I’ve seen it happen.

The good news is: Once you start to optimize…

You look at those systems and start to approach them more strategically. Meaning, you do a bunch of voice-of-customer research. You fine-tune the copy and reverse engineer purchase profile that’s based on your best customers. And then you build copy around that.

I have seen with my clients that we quickly double, triple, and even in some cases, we’ve septupled conversion rates in the first 30 days of testing.

So if you have the right foundation and if it’s truly your pot that’s slowing you down, not like your positioning or a lack of product-market fit or something like that…

If it’s truly your pot that’s slowing you down, doing that optimization work can have a tremendous impact on your growth.

So if you’re experiencing a growth ceiling right now and you’re starting to see that you’re having trouble hitting your growth goals, you want to look at your systems and your copy and do that optimization work and figuratively “put your business in a bigger pot” and give it room to grow.

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