How this consultant saw a 62.5% drop in cost per lead (CPL)

One of my clients recently reported a 62.5% drop in his cost per lead (CPL), thanks to a campaign we collaborated on. Yes, we obviously optimized the copy. But we also made 3 other significant changes that (I believe) contributed to this consultant’s sizable decrease in CPL.

Watch the video to hear more about what we changed.


This past week, a client reached out to me.

We had just wrapped up a big funnel project a few months ago, so the funnel was just now ready to be turned on and start testing to see how those numbers are going to go.

My client had promising early results:

He told me his cost per lead – in this case, a call booked – was about $75. I knew that was important because when this client first came to me, his cost per lead was $200.

That’s over a 50% decrease, and I haven’t even calculated the actual percentage change yet.

(Now that I have calculated it, it’s a 62.5% drop in CPL)

Yesterday, I was thinking about the big win projects, where the kind of change in whatever KPI you’re looking at is so drastic that it’s almost like an outlier.

What I’ve noticed with clients who see those huge changes is, a lot of times…

We do a lot of foundational work. It’s not just surface-level copywriting.

In the case of this client, we changed the traffic source for cheaper advertising costs.

We changed the offer to better fit the audience and align with the traffic strategy.

We changed the entire funnel because we were now targeting someone in an earlier stage of awareness. This meant we had to do the work of educating the prospect and getting them ready to book a call with my client through the funnel, of course, and the copy in that funnel.

We went from a really simple free report freebie to my client reaching out to schedule a call to a full-blown VSL (video sales letter) funnel that, again, was focused on making sure we educated the prospect. So my client could stop doing all the repetitive basic education on his calls with his potential clients

The webinar-style masterclass or VSL made the most sense in this scenario.

We also built a nurturing email sequence that served as a follow-up pathway for people who opted in but didn’t actually watch the training or take action to book a call. This increased our odds of getting people to move forward towards the ultimate goal – in this funnel, that was a call booked.

Many things changed: traffic strategy, offer, funnel strategy, and copywriting for everything inside that funnel. And we saw big results because of it.

So, my take is that big wins require big action.

Of course, you don’t want to take actions that are not strategic or not VOC (voice-of-customer) inspired. You don’t just want to change a bunch of things hoping for an even bigger win.

I also want you to remember that copy exists within your system.

And it’s influenced by other factors, including your offer, including your traffic strategy, including the type of funnel you choose, and whether it makes sense for what you’re trying to achieve, what your buyer knows, and where they need to be – and all of those conversion context factors.

So yeah, that was my good news for this week.

Hopefully, there’s something insightful here for you too.

And as always, if you’d like help optimizing your campaigns for higher conversion rates and, in the process, decreasing other metrics like cost per lead, we should chat.

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