Inconsistent messaging isn’t causing your conversion issues. This is.

That’s right. If you have campaign performance problems, inconsistent messaging is not your biggest issue.

In this video, I share the messaging mistake you should fix first.

So you can stop wasting time, energy, and budget. Avoid making performance problems worse. And start seeing measurable lifts in leads and sales.


Inconsistent messaging is not the reason that you’re not getting the results that you want from your marketing campaigns. And I’ll tell you why.

Hi, I’m Paige from The Impact Copywriter. And I help founders and marketers run higher-converting campaigns by focusing specifically on their marketing messages, or as we also call it, the copy.

Every now and then frustrated business owners and marketing managers come to me for help with inconsistent messaging. They believe that inconsistency is the cause for them not seeing the results that they want from their marketing campaigns.

If that’s you, as in you are having similar thoughts about the reasoning for your lack of results, then pay attention. Because this is going to be a very important message.

Inconsistent messaging, if you’re having performance problems, is not your biggest issue.

Sure, your messaging might be inconsistent. And that is a problem. Because we do want our messaging to be consistent across our marketing channels.

However, if you’re having performance problems. There’s likely a deeper issue, which is misaligned messaging.

By that I mean, your marketing messaging is not aligned with what your ideal buyers need to hear in order to take action. You haven’t built a strong connection between your products and services and what your buyer or your ideal buyer cares about most – in terms of the problems that they want to solve, or the outcomes or dream states or goals that they want to achieve, or the tasks that they want to complete.

Here’s the thing about consistency.

You can be just as consistent with the right messages as you can with the wrong messages. So the risk of focusing on consistency, if you have a messaging problem, a deeper messaging problem, is that you focus on becoming consistent with messages that aren’t performing well already across your marketing channels.

It’s not going to improve your performance problems. It’s going to create more of them.

Before you focus on consistency, first answer: Do we have the right marketing messages?

Because if you don’t, you want to fix that first.

Here’s how you go about doing that:

First, you want to either refresh your voice of customer research or actually do some voice of customer research if you’ve never done any before. This helps you figure out what that conversion context is.

You’re looking for details around the problems that they want to solve, the goals… outcomes… dream states that they want to achieve, the tasks that they want to complete, their purchase criteria if they’re more sophisticated, the solutions they’ve already tried, the solutions that have disappointed them, solutions that they’re considering, limiting beliefs they have about anything that relates to the conversion context.

You’re looking for things they like about competitors, things they don’t like about competitors, things that influence them switching from one solution to another, and other details.

Those conversion context details form the foundation of your purchase profile, which is a marketing persona on steroids. It’s a single, ever-evolving document for each persona in your business that captures all the details that influence – either in a positive or negative way – a conversion.

With your purchase profile complete, then you want to assess your current messaging against it.

You’re not just looking for things that you’re doing right. You’re more interested in the things that are misaligned with what you know about ideal buyers, and not only what you know, but what you know based on the research that you’ve done.

Those are more reliable insights than just basing your messaging on guesses or assumptions or gut feelings.

The messaging mistakes are the most important thing you want to pay attention to because fixing those mistakes is a revenue-generating work.

By taking misaligned messaging and weaving a tighter connection between your products and services and what buyers actually care about, you strengthen your sales argument. And and you increase the odds that the messaging you put out is more likely to get your ideal buyers to take action.

Only once your messaging has been fine-tuned to that ideal buyer’s conversion context, then do you worry about being consistent across your marketing channels.

First, fix your messaging mistakes. And make sure you use that ideal buyer research or that voice-of-customer research as the basis for your copy hypotheses. By basing everything that you put into your pages, emails, or ads on that research, details that are based on real people and real experiences, you’ll have more confidence that you’re going to push out messaging that has a strong likelihood of connecting with those ideal buyers.

Also it tends to produce more reliable results.

Second, once you’ve determined that your messaging is, in fact, aligned with your ideal buyer, then focus on consistency. Because you do want your messaging, you want the right messaging, to be consistent across all of your marketing channels.

The truth is, if the messaging that you’re using currently is a poo-fit for your ideal buyers, that’s the real reason they’re not taking action and that you’re not seeing the leads and sales from your campaigns. Any effort that you put into making your messages consistent before you solve the misalignments or the mistakes is just a waste of time and effort.

Because it doesn’t matter how consistent you are with the wrong messages. You’re not going to see the results you want.

And, as always, if you need help figuring out not only how to make your messaging consistent across your marketing channels but also how to identify those ideal buyer insights, figure out where your messaging is missing the mark, and then push out higher-converting campaigns, let’s chat.

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