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I’m Paige Poutiainen, funnel strategist, conversion copywriter, and founder of The Impact Copywriter.

I specialize exclusively in crafting profitable, sustainable, and reliable funnels for online courses, ebooks, memberships, coaching programs, service packages, and masterminds – or as I like to say, for expertise businesses.

Growing companies come to me when they want to…

1. turn more web visitors into subscribers (aka qualified leads)
2. turn more subscribers into new paying customers
3. turn new customers into long-term relationships

… and ultimately, reach new levels of biz growth.

We do all this with smarter marketing and sales systems, not a whole bunch of hustle.

Here’s how I can help:

Here’s how I can help

Funnel Mapping

Starts at $1500

Get a complete funnel blueprint mapped by a certified funnel strategist. Based on best practices and/or your own data, your map shows all the landing pages, emails, and more you need to meet your business goals.

Funnel Copywriting

Starts at $3000

Get high-converting landing pages, sales pages, emails, ads, and video scripts written by a certified conversion copywriter. I use conversion copywriting techniques and persuasion frameworks to craft copy that’s based on real customer experiences.

Funnel Automation

Starts at $1500

Get your landing pages and email automations set up. I’ll take care of the nitty-gritty hands-on work. Get a fully functional funnel that’s ready to launch.


“I’m thrilled. I was so impressed”

"Loved the work"

I really loved the work you did. Gosh, it was great! I really really loved listening to it all. I loved your wording. It really stands out. I'm thrilled. I was so impressed. Thank you.

Sophie Whitehouse

Founder, Classtime

"Surpassed all expectations"

I truly enjoyed working with Paige. She is very talented and definitely surpassed all expectations. I cannot wait to work with her again!

Sophia A.

Founder, First the Dress

AS A CEO, I understand your plate is full enough already

Here’s how I craft a productive, organized & enjoyable experience for both of us

→ VIDEO CALLS. You already know good communication is a key part of any successful project. That’s why we almost always meet on video to discuss the important project milestones.

→ WEEKLY UPDATES. We also send you end-of-week project update emails. You always know exactly what’s going on with your project.

→ EMAIL SUPPORT. Plus, you get email support through your project, so you can get your questions answered and your concerns addressed. No disappearing acts here.

→ PROJECT MANAGEMENT. My team manages every aspect of the project included the scope of our service agreement. I want your project to stay on track with the deadlines we’ve agreed on.

→ CHECKPOINTS. I’ve also built in periodic checkpoints to make sure we’re always on the same page.

→ PROJECT HQ. All project materials, documents to be reviewed, and final deliverables are stored in our collaborative project folder. You’ll never again be frantically searching for that “that doc thing you sent over last week.”

→ WALK-THROUGH VIDEOS. I send walk-through videos explaining the what, why and how, so you’ll always have the necessary information to make the best decisions.

I know you’re looking for someone who understands what works + what doesn’t

… but there are so many “funnel experts” out there, it’s hard to know who’s legit and who isn’t.

To start, I’m certified. That means…

You’re working with a professional who stays on top of the latest strategies & tactics

I hold up-to-date certifications in:

Customer Value Optimization (aka funnel strategy)
Customer Aquisition (aka paid traffic strategy)
10x Landing Page, 10x Email, and 10x Sales Page Copywriting

My work has had results

Here are some WINS I’ve helped my clients achieve

** Past results are the best indicator of future success. **

131 New Paid Strategy Sessions Booked

in 30 Days

1127 tickets sold to a new online workshop

in 30 Days

Sold over 900 copies of a $10 ebook

in 30 Days

Plus, my clients think I’m

“professional, friendly & easy to work with”

Because who really wants to work with someone they don’t like?!

"Incredible to work with"

Paige was incredible to work with. Very professional, friendly, and easy to work with. She went over and above to deliver a high-quality product beyond what we discussed. I am very thankful we chose to work with her

Ethan van Meter


"Listened to our needs"

Paige listened to our needs and worked with our hectic schedule... She gave us more than we expected. We will definitely work with her again.

Jana Hristova

Office Manager, Best Deal Realty

In fact…

CEOs around the world have trusted me with their projects.
You can too.

Interested in working together?

Here’s what happens next

The Quick

Fill in the questionnaire below with details about your business and project.

I’ll review them in the next 3 to 5 business days.

If it looks like I can help, I’ll reach out with the link to book your project consultation call.

Your Project Consultation

In your project consultation call, we dive deeper into your project goals, current challenges, and what you’ve been doing so far.

I’ll brief you on how I can help, and you can ask any lingering questions about my services.

By the end of the call, we’ll put together a concrete action plan for your project.

The Service Agreement

We’re ready to get started. I’ll send you the action plan, a service agreement, and project deposit.

Once everything is signed and paid, your project officially goes on the calendar.

I’ll also send you any pre-work and request necessary materials to prep for our official project kickoff date.

It all starts here ↓

Should we work together? Let’s find out.

The first step is to send me some details about your business and project.

Go ahead and fill in this short form. I’ll review your details in the next 3 to 5 business days reach out with your next steps.

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Let me be completely honest

Funnels aren’t a magic wand – and this isn’t Hogwarts (I wish!)

How fast and how much you profit from your funnel depend entirely on your business situation — what stage of growth you’re in, your pricing model, your capacity, your ad budget, among other factors.

So, I won’t promise you some 6-figure funnel overnight success story. That’s not realistic for many businesses.

Is a 6-figure funnel possible for you? Absolutely. Your funnel can and should bring in 10x or more what you invest in it.

Just remember — depending on your biz situation — it may some time and testing to get there.

“But what if…?”

Here are the questions CEOs ask most often –
before reaching out to work with me

Do you have expertise in [insert specialty topic]?

There’s a good chance I won’t have insider knowledge of your specific area of business. That’s actually a huge advantageBecause coming in with fresh eyes means I take nothing for granted. I make no assumptions. I start at a similar state of mind as many of your prospects. On top of that, my conversion copywriting process – specifically tactics like surveys, interviews, and forum mining – is designed to help me get inside your ideal customer’s head so that I can write copy that connects and then converts. 

Do you use [insert your favorite tool]? 

I’m very hands-on when it comes to the technical side of funnels. That means I’m not just a strategist or a copywriter. I can, in fact, set up fully functional funnels. That said, there are so many tools out there – with new ones popping up every day. I can’t possibly be an expert at all of them. I have a few I prefer, and I’m happy to recommend them to you. If you want to work with me, and I don’t use your specific tools, I’ll bring on a specialist who does to work closely with me during the setup phase of the project.

Do you write blog posts or other stuff?

In most cases, I don’t — not unless they’re a core part of the funnel we map. By specializing, I have more time, attention, and energy to become the best funnel specialist I can be. That said, these are still important parts of your biz, and I’m happy to recommend you to my talented colleagues.

Are you a native English speaker?

Yep. Don’t let my last name fool you. (I got it from the beautiful ties of marriage.) I was born and raised in the good ol‘ southern US of A. That means, yes, I speak and write native US English.

What if I have nothing ready to sell yet?

That’s cool. Even if your offer isn’t ready, you still need a lead base. In this situation, we’ll likely focus on building you lead gen funnels, so you can start growing an email list with the right people, preparing for your next offer launch.

Other questions?

Please email me at
Or click that little message icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and write to me directly.

Funnels can completely transform your business

Imagine what your biz reality could look like in 12 months

You have a consistent stream of qualified leads flowing into your business day after day—without having to write a blog post or drag yourself to another uncomfortable networking event.

You’ve finally activated that 12K email list, turning a more-than-satisfying percentage of subscribers into paying customers

You have an overflow of incoming clients and a growing waitlist. You’ve already doubled your monthly revenue and raised your prices to keep up with demand.

You don’t wonder (read: worry) that this is going to be a slower month – because you don’t have slow months anymore – not unless you want to, of course. Goodbye, famine cycle!

You look forward to every single launch because you have a list full of enthusiastic potential students who can’t wait to get access to their first modules.

You sell out of your programs and packages without having to sell too hard because you have people ready, willing, and excited to work with you coming in your virtual doors every day.

You finally feel like you’re creating real impact with your courses and coaching programs because you can reach more of the people who need your help

Your business no longer runs you. You’re in the driver seat – and control feels so good.

“I’m more excited about my business than I’ve been in years – and I can’t wait to see how it continues to grow”

Growth-hungry businesses need strategic sales funnels. And their CEOs need expert partners.

Partner with me to build profitable, sustainable, and reliable sales funnels for your growing expertise business.

To get started, click the button below: 

“I really loved the work you did. Gosh, it was great! I really really loved listening to it all. I loved your wording. It really stands out. I’m thrilled. I was so impressed. Thank you.” – Sophie Whitehouse