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Turn less-than-stellar campaigns into goal-crushing winners with copywriting and consulting support.

For the Full Done-for-You Experience

Rev up your conversion rates with custom, written-for-you copy.

What if you could skip the tiresome trial-and-error testing and, instead, go straight to watching your sales numbers climb higher and higher? 

The good news:

My work has doubled, tripled, and even septupled baseline conversions within the first 30 days of testing, which means: 

By working with this conversion copywriter, you could put your team on the expedited path to more leads, customers, and clients.

For Quick Optimization Actions

Add persuasive power to your pages, emails, and ads with an eye-opening audit.

When you desperately need feedback on your pages, emails, and ads without the commitment of a full done-for-you project, start here.

In a copy audit, I analyze your current marketing messages and give you actionable suggestions for strengthening headlines, crossheads, subject lines, buttons, and body copy.

What clients love most: audits are fast.

Your revenue-boosting recommendations will whoosh into your inbox just 7 days after requesting your audit. 

For On-Demand troubleshooting

Google doesn't have all the answers. Tackle "why won't this convert?!" challenges with the guidance of an experienced copywriter.

When weeks of late-night Googling still haven’t surfaced the result-boosting answers you’re searching for, swap stuck-ness for clarity and clear next steps. In 1-on-1 consulting, we tackle your conversion challenges step by step. To see available days and times:

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Get all the details on how done-for-you copywriting projects work, from pricing to past results and everything in between.

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Copy Case Study:

$150,000 in 2.5 days: "her sales page was sharp and convincing"

"We hired Paige to write a long-form sales page. Yup, our copywriting team hired an outside copywriter to write our sales page... for a sales page course. Needless to say, our expectations were through the roof.

But Paige more than delivered. Her sales page was sharp and convincing. Bonus points for her managing this project like the pro she is - including setting good deadlines, hitting 'em all and running interviews, copy review meetings and more."
Joanna Wiebe
Founder at Copyhackers

Copy Case Study:

165% more sales in 7 days: "She knows her stuff, big time"

“Working with Paige has been an amazing experience all around. Her skill as a copywriter paired with her incredible attention to detail and intuition made this process seriously easy. She knows her stuff, big time.

Our launch funnel saw a whopping 165% increase in immediate revenue over the 7-day period. And our memberships have had an increase of 366% in new trials over 2 weeks. I expect that number to increase by quite a lot over the coming weeks.”
David Russell
Co-founder at Centre for Shamanism

Copy Case Study:

233% lift in lead form submissions: "her work was outstanding"

"Paige is a copywriting gem. It took me forever to find a copywriter that I felt confident about partnering with—until I found Paige.

I knew Paige was the best person for the project since the moment she sent me a proposal. It was effortless to read, and it demonstrated Paige's excellent listening skills. I felt so acknowledged and understood, and that's exactly what I wanted to do for our website visitors.

She didn't disappoint. Her work was as outstanding as I was hoping it to be."
Alonso Chehade
Head of Marketing at Sales Readiness Group

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