Hire a pro to help you make the right moves

Here’s how we help companies sell more of their courses, coaching, memberships, and masterminds:

Sales Funnel Strategy

Start with a proven sales strategy that’ll set you up for success

When you’re creating something new and you’re serious about getting sales, start with a proven sales funnel strategy. We help you design the right strategy to suit your sales goals, so you can start with a strong selling foundation.

“Paige is a 2019 marketing ninja who gets funnels, conversion copywriting & systems better than 99.99999% of the marketers I know. If I could rent her brain on the regular, I would. Oh wait, I did.”

Kira Hug


LIVE! Funnel Mapping

Get a professional sales funnel strategy mapped in 24 hours or less. This is perfect for companies launching new digital products and programs. 

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Full Funnel Review

Get a complete review of your sales funnel. We’ll help you figure out what’s not working and how to fix it. It’s perfect for optimizing existing funnels.

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Custom Strategy

When you need more than a pro review or live funnel mapping, we build a custom strategy tailored to your specific needs.

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Conversion Copywriting

Get words that convince people to buy without sounding too sales-y

When you want to sell more stuff, more easily, hire a certified conversion copywriter. We write words that connect with your best, most profitable customers on an emotional yet persuasive level (without coming off a like a pushy salesman).

“Our copywriting team hired an outside copywriter to write our sales page… for a sales page course. Needless to say, our expectations were through the roof. But Paige more than delivered. Her sales page was sharp and convincing.”

Joanna Wiebe

Copy Hackers

Sales Page Review

See what a professional conversion copywriter would change to boost your sales. Get constructive feedback for improving your sales page copy.

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The More Leads Package

Grow your emails list (aka your lead base) with landing pages, emails, ads, and lead magnets and attract potential buyers to your list.

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The More Sales Package

Turn subscribers into buyers with webinars, emails, ads, and sales pages that make people hungry for your help.

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Funnel Coaching

Get bite-sized funnel help on whatever you need, whenever you need it

When you need some professional advice but you don’t need a full done-for-you project, book a one-off coaching session. We’ll focus on solving your biggest problem in 90 minutes.

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“Paige went through the entire map for the funnel with me and was able to quickly identify a few issues that could help with the lack of conversion. She also discovered an overlooked opportunity for lead generation in the current funnel that is a quick and easy win”

Mariana Norton

Growth Strategist