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If your audience would LOVE to learn some pro techniques for selling online from in-the-trenches work, let’s collaborate!

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The stuff followers want

I share A LOT of what I know. Plus, I’m told that I’m upbeat and energizing.

Honesty without the hype

I prefer to keep it real and focus on what it really takes to succeed (or fail).

Cute, Southern accent

… or so I’m told. People say that’s reason enough to give me 60 minutes. 🙂 

About Paige Swaffer

"Paige knows her stuff, she's a confident speaker..."

As a conversion copywriter, I’ve worked with brands all over the world to bring in more sales through smart selling systems (aka funnels) and words purposely curated to convert. 

Campaigns I’ve written have directly made my clients tens- to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Most notably, I wrote 1 long-form sales page for Copyhackers that netted $150,000 in 2.5 days.

Would your audience want to learn how to sell more with the words and selling strategies they’re using online?

I can help. Let’s collaborate.

Sample my speaking style:

It comes with a delicious side of Southern Belle.

Interview with Brad Wages
Brad Wages Marketing

Building Better Funnels

The Copywriter Club Podcast

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Simpler Sales Funnels

Help listeners find new ideal buyers and move them to the BUY button. 

Conversion Copywriting 

Help your listeners write marketing materials that convert into sales.

Sanity-saving Systems

Help your listeners get more marketing done in less time – consistently!

Both podcast hosts & listeners give rave reviews:

"Paige knows her stuff. She’s a confident speaker who knows a lot about copy and funnels and marketing campaigns. Looking for a speaker who can distill these complex topics and make them understandable to just about anyone? Book Paige."
Rob Marsh
Podcast Host
"I heard you on the TCC podcast today and came through to check out your site! Learned a ton from you in that interview and simply saying a generous ‘thank you!’ for being so open to sharing your insights and expertise!"
Podcast Listener

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