Get expert eyes 👀 on your micro funnel

Find out what’s working, what’s missing + how to fix it with THE MICRO FUNNEL PRO AUDIT


“My funnel’s broken. I need help now!” – You

The gurus made it look easy…

And you were mesmerized by all their shiny funnel promises.

Build it, they said.
This’ll solve all your sales problems, they said.

So you cobbled together a DIY funnel and hired a dirt-cheap freelancer to help out. Then you launched it into the world with a heart full of high hopes.

You were dreaming of 10x more sales, signups, applications + appointments, but…

That didn’t happen. And after all that work, you’re getting zilch, zero, nada in results.

It’s been weeks! Something’s clearly not working. But you just don’t know what.

Wild a** guesses only lead to blowing $10K on consultants, copywriters + Facebook ads with dismal results.


Before you go make a lot of expensive $$$$$! tweaks, do this:


Let a professional funnel strategist + conversion copywriter assess your funnel for what’s missing, what’s weak, and then tell you how to fix it.

Get expert eyes 👀  on your micro funnel

Find out what’s working, what’s missing + how to fix it with THE MICRO FUNNEL PRO AUDIT.

Hi, I’m Paige, your certified funnel strategist, conversion copywriter + all-around automation nerd.

I’m going to tell you how to fix your funnel.

As a professional funnel builder, I live and breathe funnels all day, every day.

That means, I can look at your funnel + pinpoint what’s missing, what’s weak, and most importantly, how to fix it.

The Micro Funnel Pro Audit takes the guesswork out of fixing your funnel

Get a full review of the most important elements of your micro funnel, including the strategy, offer, avatar, core copy messages, landing pages, emails, traffic source, and more.

You get a detailed audit checklist with your results as well as recommendations for how to fix the weak points.

Based on professional insights, your audit is the foundation for fixing, improving, and optimizing your funnel with purpose, precision, and confidence.

No more guessing.

“Wait a sec. What’s a *micro* funnel?”

I’m glad you asked…

A micro funnel isn’t anything new. It’s simply a specific sales funnel for a specific product or service sold to a specific target customer.

If you sell multiple products and services, you also have several different micro funnels for your business.

(FYI, it’s actually easier to plan, build, deploy, and audit funnels when you think of them in micro terms.)

I use the term “micro funnel” here to be clear that this audit analysizes 1 specific funnel for 1 specific offer.

Here’s what you get:

A complete review of your micro funnel + its core elements

✔ Includes a review of your…

  • funnel structure,
  • core offer,
  • any upsells, downsells or cross-sells,
  • target customer,
  • core copy messaging on your landing pages,
  • copy for 1 email drip of your choice, and
  • visual design.

✔ Get my professional recommendations for fixing, improving + optimizing

✔ Make changes to your funnel with CONFIDENCE and clarity.

Get a 1-page blueprint of what your funnel should look like

✔ Includes 2 one-page funnel blueprints, one picturing what your funnel looks like now + the other depicting what your funnel should look like

✔ Have a clear funnel map of where you should be going to keep you on track and help you make strategic decisions.

Add more irresistible-ness to your offer

✔ Get ideas for improving your core offer’s unique selling proposition

✔ Get ideas for stronger packaging

✔ Uncover new oppportunites for up-sells, downsells or cross-sells to increase profits from each transaction.


Target the right clients + customers

✔ Know if your funnel is specific enough to be successful.

✔ Craft a funnel that speaks to a particular tribe in a unique and authentic way, so they want to work with youand only you.

Add more persuasion + authenticity to your landing page + email copy

✔ Includes a copy critique of your core messages (headlines + crossheads) and a critique of 1 email drip of your choice.

✔ Get suggestions for improving your messages, so you keep more visitors in your funnel.

✔ Get ideas for headline and crosshead rewrites to pump up the perusasion levels on your landing pages

✔ Get suggestions for getting more of your emails open, read, and acted on.

Get design tips to support conversions—not block them!

✔ Includes a conversion-focused design critique of all your landing pages.

✔ Know if your landing page design, structure, or visuals are getting in the way of conversions.

✔ Get suggetions for design changes, so that taking action is easier for your visitors.

Make strategic decisions easily with your documented report + video

✔ Includes screenshots, actionable tips, and examples, so you have a clear understanding of your results.

✔ Have a documented asset to control quality and guide decisions when you work with your team or other subcontractors.

Get your funnel ???s answered in your 30-min Q&A call

✔ Includes one follow-up Q&A call where you have the opportunity to get your most pressing funnel questions answered.

✔ Get guidance and clarity on your funnel results and how to execute on them.

Fix your funnel step-by-step with this prioritized action plan

✔ Includes a checklist complete with actionable tips for following my recommendations and fixing your funnel.

✔ This list is prioritized so you know what needs to be fixed now and what can wait.

✔ Take action with step-by-step guidance.


This audit is RIGHT for your funnel if...

  • It exists.
  • It’s complete (i.e. not intentionally missing pieces).
  • It sells a digital info product, course, coaching, or 1:1 service.

This audit is NOT for your funnel if...

  • It doesn’t exist yet.
  • It’s missing core pieces or has pieces that are in progress.
  • Your funnel sells anything other than digital products, courses, coaching, or 1:1 services

LIMITED AUDITS PER MONTH: I only offer 4 of these per month, so get yours while it's available.

This is how you get the audit to fix your funnel:

1. Click the orange "buy" button.

2. Enter your payment info + complete your order.

3. I'll send you the form to collect the details I need for your audit. You'll get it automatically, right after ordering.

That's it. In 2 weeks (or less), you get your audit results + recommendations.

Out of stock? Click here to get a curteousy email when audits are available again.

“She went above and beyond”

"Very impressed with work quality"

Excellent work. Very impressed with work quality, communication, organisation and level of professionalism all round.

Michelle Bourke

CEO, Artlivemedia & Peachy

"She went above and beyond"

I honestly did not expect the excellent quality of work that she delivered. It was timely, professional... Excellent work and very happy with the results... She went above and beyond.

Richard Li


"Surpassed all expectations"

I truly enjoyed working with Paige. She is very talented and definitely surpassed all expectations. I cannot wait to work with her again!

Sophia A.

Founder, First the Dress

"Loved the work"

I really loved the work you did. Gosh, it was great! I really really loved listening to it all. I loved your wording. It really stands out. I'm thrilled. I was so impressed. Thank you.

Sophie Whitehouse

Founder, Classtime

Questions CEOs ask before ordering an audit

How do you get my funnel details?

Easy-peezy. As soon as your order is confirmed you’ll get an email from me with a link to the funnel details intake form. On that form, you can brief me on all the details I need for your audit, background info, links, and more.

Don’t worry. I’ve specified everything you need to include. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can checkout with most credit cards. Your payment is handled by Shopify + processed securely via Stripe.

Do you make changes to my funnel during the audit?

Nope. That’s not the goal of this audit. Our goal to know what to change + how to do it. In some cases, I may rewrite headlines or create mockups for illustrative or educational purposes only.

If you’d like to execute on the recommendations of your audit with me, that’s great! Ask me about 1-day working sessions + bigger projects during your follow-up Q&A call.

If I have more than 1 funnel, do I need more than 1 audit?

Absolutely. 1 Audit per 1 micro funnel. If you already know you want me to review more than 1 funnel, simply add extra Micro Funnel Pro Audits to your cart during checkout.

Can I get my audit faster than 2 weeks?

At the moment, two weeks (10 business days) is the standard turnaround time. It’s possible to delay your audit if need be. But, for now, it’s not possible to expedite your audit.

Please note, the 2 week turnaround period starts after you submit the funnel details via my intake form—not from your purchase day.

For quickest turnaround, submit the form as soon as you receive it.

What's your refund policy?

I do not offer refunds for audits.

That said, I do have your best interests at heart, and I’m invested in your success.

I want you to be 100% happy with your project deliverables. If you aren’t satisfied with my work, please reach out to me, so that I can make it right.

At the end of the day, I like to look at these things on a case-by-case basis. Send me an email, tell me what’s up, and I’ll work with you to make it right.

Before booking, please do your due diligence + review the full refund policy.

Can I work with you on my funnel after this audit?

It certainly is a possibility. And I’m open to discussing a more in-depth collaboration.

At the end of the day, this depends on the outcome of your funnel audit, what kind of help you’re looking for, and my capacity for taking on new projects.

That said, there’s a good chance that we can book 1-day working sessions to tackle your funnel one element at a time.

I have more questions...

No problem. I’m happy to answer them. You can email me at: hello@theimpactcopywriter. Or you can click on that little blue chat button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Enough with all the wild a** guesses.
Fix your funnel with confidence.

Grab your Micro Funnel Pro Audit today + find what what’s missing, what’s weak + how to fix it.

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