Get your hands on quick and actionable copy insights to amplify your conversion rates. Delivered in 7 days.

Put my eyes on your pages, emails, and ads. And I'll show you the best opportunities for bringing more leads, customers, and clients.

my copywriting skills are trusted by top-tier teams at:

What if you could happily celebrate an uptick in fresh leads and new sales in as little as 2 weeks from today?

(Check the case studies cuz it's happened!)

We both know: Writing higher-converting copy is a heck of a lot harder than most people expect it to be.

So if you find yourself…

It’s time for a more effective approach.

Happily swap your trial-and-error tweaking for strategic optimization and give you and your team the insights you need to lift the metrics that matter – like signups, email engagement, and paid conversions – with a:

Conversion Copy Audit

The lightning-fast, conversion-focused analysis that spotlights your copy's biggest issues and best opportunities for bringing in more leads, customers, and clients.

Choose a conversion copy audit when you need to...

Quickly troubleshoot a poor-performing campaign, so you can unblock conversions.

Get new ideas for lifting conversions, so you can scale sales to the next level.

Test drive my copywriting skills before diving into a high-priority marketing project.

You're ready to Stop rolling the dice on your results. And:

Finally, figure out how to reliably lift your conversion rates with the help of:

Copywriting Analysis

Get a full diagnostic of your asset's messaging strategy and overall copywriting.

Personalized Feedback

Get useful feedback that's customized to your ideal buyer, offer, and strategy.

(C)opportunites Report

See all copy issues and opportunities detailed clearly in a PDF report.

Video Overview

Skip straight to the urgent stuff and quickly act on your highest priority issues.

Copy Suggestions

Jumpstart your next draft with a copywriter-drafted rewrites for selected copy.

Competitor Benchmarking

Get ideas to help your copy stand out vis-a-vis your top competitors.

7-Day Turnaround

Dive into your results just 7 days after starting the audit process.

Post-Review Q&A Call

After delivery, meet with Paige 1-on-1 to ask questions and clarify recommendations.

1-Year Validity

Redeem your audit at any time up to 1 calendar year after initial purchase.

"She gave me actionable feedback I was able to apply almost word for word."

Paco Vermeulen, InterestExplorer

Meet your auditor:

the conversion copywriter who's doubled, tripled, and even septupled conversions.

In the first 30 days of testing. 

Hi, I’m Paige Swaffer. For nearly a decade, I’ve helped up-and-coming brands all over the world drive millions of dollars in revenue with messaging that speaks to the hearts, minds, and wallets of their ideal buyers. 

Paige Swaffer (formerly Poutiainen) is a Copyhackers-certified Conversion Copywriter.

Skip the gut-wrenching guessing. And strategically shortcut your path to more subscribers, signups, and sales.

The following client wins came directly from audits:

TBYT saw a 58% lift in new member signups just 2 weeks later.

"Wow. Paige has blown me away with the thoroughness of her audit. Very professional and easy to work with. Highly recommend!

I believe that we had a 58% increase in our conversion rate [in the last 2 weeks] and your copywriting changes played a big part in that."
Kimberly Taylor
Take Back Your Temple

This consultant's lead-gen funnel converted at nearly 2x the industry average.

"Paige has been a complete joy to work with. The work she performed was detailed, well-researched, and most importantly, got results.

I will definitely be using her on an ongoing basis because I need the best copywriting in order to stay ahead of the competition.
John Stevenson
Stevenson Retirement Solutions

The first "lift" clients experience is a boost in both clarity and confidence.

"I am very satisfied with her structured way of working and the actionable feedback that I was able to apply almost word for word. My expectations have been exceeded by the more strategic suggestions I received from Paige, next to the copy review. In conclusion, I will definitely ask Paige to look at my sales copy again in the future."
Paco Vermeulen
"Paige provided me with extensive feedback that has helped me both improve my draft and learn the finest points of copywriting. The video and comprehensive written report with concrete examples helped me understand what a finished product should look like. Meanwhile, the video provided coaching and encouragement..."
Jerry Joseph
Senior Living Collaborative

The Conversion Audit Process: Lightning-fast feedback in 7 days

Copy audits are designed for fast feedback and rapid iteration. So you quickly can make both strategy and copywriting improvements that get more prospects to join, apply, and buy. Here's how the process works:


Copy Questionnaire

Complete a short copy questionnaire to start the audit process.


Copy Audit

I conduct a full assessment of your messaging strategy and copywriting.


Delivery Day

Your audit results zoom into your inbox just 7 business days later.


Q&A Call

Clarify any lingering questions or concerns in your a Q&A call.

Get the guidance you need. Guaranteed. Or I'll give your money back.

I get it. Handing over your copy to a complete stranger is scary. Will the insights will be worthwhile? What if she only recommends simple word swaps? (Rest assured, I won’t.)

While there are plenty of concern-calming client results and reviews for my work on this page, I can do you one EVEN better.

I guarantee I can find at least 5 significant improvements – often many more – for your sales page or email copy and at least 3 significant improvements for your ads. 

And if I don’t? I’ll automatically issue you a refund – no questions asked – and a virtual high five for a job well done. 🙌

When you're ready to stop throwing spaghetti at the metaphorical marketing wall...

Choose a conversion copy audit. And get the insights you need to see more reliable results from your evergreen funnels and campaigns.

Every copy audit includes:

Sales Page Audit

Turn more page visits into purchases.
$ 997 in USD, per audit
  • Everything included in a copy audit for one sales page of any length

Email Sequence Audit

Activate subscribers. Create more engagement.
$ 997 in USD, per audit
  • Everything included in a copy audit for one nurturing or sales email sequence of up to 10 emails

Social Ad Audit

Stop the scroll. Get the click. Drive traffic.
$ 397 in USD, per audit​
  • Everything included in a copy audit for up to 3 social ads for the same product or service

Questions? Email me at, and let’s chat!

Frequently Asked Questions:

"Will this audit improve my conversion rates?"

My best is answer is: Eventually.

I’ve worked with copy audit clients who saw a measurable lift in their conversion rates in as little as 2 weeks. And I’ve worked with clients who, after their audit, realized they needed to completely revamp their offer to better meet market needs. 

Know that a copy audit is not necessarily a quick fix for your conversion challenges, depending on what’s going on beneath the surface. 

How quickly you see results will depend on your team’s ability to implement the recommendations and how “ready” your marketing ecosystem is to see results. 

A copy audit will show you what needs fixing and give you concrete steps on how to fix it, so that you can move towards the results you’re after.  

Absolutely. Every bit of this analysis is personalized to your ideal buyer, offer, and sales strategy. This is the customized guidance you can’t get from a Google search. 

How am I able to give such personalized feedback?

It’s due to the copy questionnaire. After ordering your audit, you’ll be redirected to a short form where you’ll answer a few questions about the page, email sequence, or social ads up for audit. 

This is how I’m able to evaluate your copy according to your unique conversion context.

You’ll find a link to the copy questionnaire on your order confirmation page and in your order confirmation email. 

Lost track of both? Email me (, and I’ll send you the appropriate link. 

You have up to a full calendar year after purchase. 

Yep, that means you can order an audit now and use it later.

To redeem your copy audit at any time after purchase, all you have to do is complete the copy questionnaire, and I will begin your audit. 

After a full calendar year has passed, unused audits are considered forfeit and no refunds are available. (Think of this like a gift card with a one year validity period.) Please do not purchase an audit if you do not intend on using it. 

All copy audits come with a sample rewrite.

For sales pages, it’s a sales page section up to 500 words. For email sequences, it’s one email up to 500 words. For social ads, it’s one ad up to 300 words. 

If you’re interested in a full rewrite of your asset, please check out my done-for-you copywriting services.  

At any time over the next calendar year. 

The guaranteed delivery period is 7 business days (M-F), which begins on the next full business day following the receipt of the copy questionnaire.

This means if a questionnaire is received late Friday evening, the delivery period starts Monday morning, 8AM CST.

Please note, observed US public holidays (e.g. Thanksgiving and Christmas) and pre-announced office closings (e.g. conferences) are excluded from the delivery period.

You can see the most up-to-date list of office closings here: OFFICE CLOSINGS

Upon auditing your copy, if I find…

less than 5 significant strategy or copywriting improvements for your sales page or email sequence or… 

less than 3 significant strategy or copywriting improvements for your social ads… 

I will automatically refund your copy audit purchase minus payment processing fees (about 3%).

Outside of the money-back “get help” guarantee, all sales are final and no refunds are available. Please do not purchase an audit unless you seriously intend to use it. 

But remember, you have a full calendar year to do so!

Finally, get the why-the-f-won't-this-convert feedback Google can't give you.

Borrow the brain of a conversion copywriter to pinpoint the biggest issues and best opportunities for lifting your conversion rates. So you can make more strategic moves and finally start pulling in the leads and sales your company is relying on.

Now with 7-day delivery and money-back "get help" guarantee.