How to make your sales page headlines work harder for conversions

Your best prospects are bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands, of messages per day.

If you want them to take a breath and take an interest in what you’re selling, your sales page has to stop them in their tracks with the thought:

WOWZA! I gotta learn more about this!

In a world where a hundred other things are vying for your prospect’s attention…

One noteworthy headline could be the sign they need to turn their precious time and attention towards your stuff.

Your sales page headlines play an important role in getting people to stop scrolling and pay attention. Powerful headlines help stop visitors from abandoning your sales page and moving on to the next thing on their to-do list, in their inbox, or on their desk.

Remember, hundreds of messages a day!

As a conversion copywriter I embrace the mantra: Always be optimizing.

That means, no matter how good (or bad) your headlines are right now, they can always be clearer, sharper, and more powerful.

If you want to boost conversions and overall sales, give your headlines (AKA the most valuable copy real estate on your sales page) some tender love and care.

Spice them up, add pizzazz, and let them do even more powerlifting for you. That’s precisely what I show you how to do in this sales page review video, featuring the landing page for Mindvalley’s 6-Phase Meditation Quest.

Keep in mind, the Mindvalley team already has some strong headlines. I’m going in with the “always be optimizing” mindset. How might we make them even stronger?

Watch the video below and learn how to write powerlifting headlines that work harder for sales page conversions:

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