For funnels that convert + look amazing

Let’s work together to build you a funnel that grows your business. Here’s how:

2520% lift in paid consults

This short consult campaign increased paid consults by 2520%.

$7K in ticket sales

This event campaign sold 1127 tickets in 30 days.

57.4% avg. open rate

This evergreen email campaign had an average open rate of 57.4% and an average click-thru rate of 21.3%.

23.7% CTR

This ebook landing page got a 23.7% click-thru rate.

“I love working with Paige!”

I love working with Paige! She always delivers on time, and her writing is great. She’s fantastic at distilling complex concepts into easy-to-understand language, and she knows how to write to her audience.

Justin Wilcox

Founder, The FOCUS Framework

“She went above and beyond”

I honestly did not expect the excellent quality of work that she delivered. It was timely, professional and I did not have to give much direction… Excellent work and very happy with the results… She went above and beyond.

Richard Li


Funnel Consult Intensive

90-minute funnel consult

Rent the brain of a certified funnel strategist

Let’s tackle your biggest funnel challenge, question or issue.

This consult is ideal for you if you have a pressing challenge, but you’re not ready to invest in a full audit, strategy, or copy package.

You can book my brain right away. Here’s how:

  1. Choose a day/time below.
  2. Complete the booking form.
  3. Confirm your payment.

Voila! Booked.

You’ll get a confirmation email + receipt. I’ll follow up with you to confirm or clarify what we’ll tackle in our 90 minutes together. 

Funnel Consult


Video call with Paige

Get feedback, suggestions & actionable next steps for tackling your funnel issue

Pleasen note: This is a consult/coaching session. There’s no implementation, deep strategy work, copy edits, or funnel tweaks.


per session

Questions before booking? Email me:

Fix My Funnel!

1-day funnel audit + working sessions

Got a funnel that’s not working? Or could be working better?

Let’s fix it.

In this 6-hour package, I review the most important elements of your funnel – from strategy, to messaging, to landing pages, to emails, and more.

Then I identify and fix the most important elements of your funnel in the time alloted.

Interested? Here’s how it works:

During your first session, I conduct a full micro funnel audit. I identify the weak points in your funnel and create a prioritized checklist with recommended fixes based on the potential impact on conversions + sales.

I use the remaining time to work down the “fix list.” Too many fixes + not enough time? No problem. We can book additional sessions as needed to tackle the rest of the funnel.

Fix My Funnel


This 6-hour session includes: 

A full review of the most important elements of your micro funnel, including strategy, landing pages, emails, sales pages, offers, lead magnets, and ads.

Prioritized checklist of the weakpoints + recommendations on how to fix them

Fixing highest priority weakpoints

Final Q&A call with you


per session

Just the Strategy Please

A full audit + micro funnel strategy

Successful funnels are built on…

a solid foundation – aka a strategy that’s been proven to work!

This package is designed to give you a funnel framework that fits your business context, offer + target customer.

Get a detailed funnel strategy that you can pass off to your execution team.

Interested? Let’s start a conversation:

  1. Click the button below.
  2. Send me some details about your business, what you’d like to achieve with your funnel, and your timeline.
  3. If it looks like a good fit, we’ll hop on a quick 15-minute exploratory call.

Just the Strategy Please



Deep dive discovery call with Paige + team

Micro funnel strategy for 1 offer + target customer

Collaborative avatar, core message, signature solution, and lead magnet development

Templates to help you execute

Suggestions for email marketing + sales automation

Final Q&A call with you + your execution team


per micro funnel

The Whole Sha’bang

Custom Funnel Packages, including strategy, copywriting + setup

For a package customized entirely to you:

Available services include: strategy, copywriting, funnel setup, ad setup, optimization, going support, and coaching.

IMPORTANT! This is a colloborative process. I bring the funnel + copy expertise, but YOU bring your own essential knowledge about your business + your clients to the table. You will be very involved in this project.

This package is only meant for business owners who have validated their offers + target market.

I don’t recommend this level of package for new businesses or startups.

WAIT TIME: approx. 3 months
TURNAROUND TIME: approx. 60-90 days

Interested? Let’s start a conversation: 

Send me some details about your business, what you’d like to achieve with your funnel, and your timeline. If it looks like a good fit, we’ll hop on a quick 15-minute exploratory call.

The Whole Sha’Bang


May include: 

Deep dive discovery calls with Paige + team

Micro funnel strategies for your digital products + services

Collaborative avatar, core message, signature solution, and lead magnet development

Conversion copy for your lead magnets, video scripts, webinar scripts, landing pages, sales pages, emails, and ads.

Copy wireframes for your designer

Suggestions for email marketing + sales automation

Funnel setup in selected tools

Ad setup + initial testing

Ongoing optimization, support + coaching


Discover how to get more clients with this simple micro funnel

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