The simple newsletter technique that turns subscribers into customers

Only about 10% of subscribers who go through your funnel the first time will be ready to buy from you. So…

What are you doing with the other 90% of people sitting on your list?

Um, great question, Paige.

A few days ago, I had a quick consult with a team that had just launched a funnel for their online membership program. They were concerned because the funnel wasn’t converting. Major red flag.

Two minutes into our funnel diagnosis discussion, I already saw an enormous opportunity, right at the top of their funnel.

Paige: What are you doing with all those new subscribers who don’t engage with that first email?

Prospect: Nothing. They just fall through the cracks.(← That happens a lot.)


After all that effort you spent getting new subscribers onto your list, you’re okay with people dropping out of the funnel and right into leads limbo?!

Isn’t letting subscribers fall through the cracks a complete waste of energy, effort, AND resources?

I think so.

Here’s how I bring people back into the funnel or move them towards other relevant products and services…

with a funnel follow-up technique that I call: The Upgraded Newsletter.

It takes 3 simple ingredients:

  • free helpful content
  • a well-crafted email
  • a strategic PS (postscript) message

Here’s how it works:

  1. Everyone who falls out of your funnel at any point gets added to a general “newsletter” list.
  2. Periodically you email your newsletter list with a helpful content-driven email.
  3. And in the PS of that email, you include a call to action that’s connected to a specific business goal.

For example, in your PS…

  • You might share a lead magnet, triggering another funnel when they download.
  • You might promote a low-priced offer like a digital download or a small online course.
  • You might invite your subscribers to start a project convo with you or apply to your coaching program.

The important thing here is that the PS message is tied to a business goal and is related to the content inside of the email. (← Strategic!)

Because it’s 90% free helpful content and 10% selling, it feels like a win-win.

I get to nurture existing subscribers — to help them in some way for free — while at the same time, inviting them to get more, better, faster help inside of my paid products and programs.

The very first time I tested this technique, my email got 5% conversion (sales) rate.

If you want to turn more subscribers into students, clients, and/or customers…

I encourage you to give the Upgraded Newsletter a try.

With time, this strategy could be transformative for your business but only if you use it on a regular basis. Consistency is the key to getting traction with any online marketing techniques.

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