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"I was blown away by both her skill and streamlined process"

The right words can help you drive traffic, attract new ideal buyers, and move them through the sales funnel towards that big, beautiful BUY button. 

I’m Paige AKA The Impact Copywriter. 

I specialize in helping experts strategically sell more of their digital products and services online. 

Let’s get started.

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From smart selling strategies to words purposely curated to convert

Here's how I can help:

Done-for-You Copy

Partner with a copywriter who has a track record of results. 

Words I’ve written have directly made $12,900 – $150,000 for my clients.

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Copy Reviews

Get specific tips to help you get more subscribers, signups + sales.

I review websites, emails, landing pages, sales pages, and even full sales funnels. 

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Copy Consulting

When cheap DIY courses and late-night Googling just won’t cut it…

Rent the brain of a pro to help you break through your biggest and baddest online selling issues.

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If you're looking for an experienced copywriter with a track record of results...

Hi there. I’m Paige. 

As certified conversion copywriter, I’m trained in the art and science of writing copy that converts. 

And guess what? 

The process I use works! 

So, when you’re ready to bring in a partner who understands what it takes to bring in more of what your business needs to thrive…

I’m here to help. 

Paige Poutiainen is a Copy Hacker's certified conversion copywriter.

Work with
me because:

Writing with results

Copy pieces I’ve written have directly made $12.9K-$150K for clients.

Officially certified

I have the skills and experience to help you hit KPIs and sales targets.

Easy to work with

I manage projects with structured workflows and regular check-ins. 

“Paige is good, dangerously good”

… and other things experts say about working with me:

“Our copywriting team hired an outside copywriter... Needless to say, our expectations were through the roof. But Paige more than delivered. Bonus points for her managing this project like the pro she is”
Joanna Wiebe
Copy Hackers
“Paige is good. Dangerously good. I was blown away by both her skill and her streamlined process. Highly communicative throughout... and of course, wickedly good at writing conversion copy.”
Ryan Schwartz
Copy Hackers
“Paige is a copywriting gem. It took me forever to find a copywriter that I felt confident about partnering with—until I found Paige. I tell you, she didn't disappoint. Her work was as outstanding as I was hoping it to be.”
Alonso Chehade
Sales Readiness Group
“I was blown away by her talent. Not only is she an incredibly capable copywriter, she's got marketing chops and the ability to manage projects... and make the process smooth and easy. That's the whole package.”
Amy Posner
Amy Posner Copywriting

Want to know how I do it?

The secret to writing copy that converts is in the...

… process! That’s right. 

In. The. Process. 

Instead of guessing my way through your funnel, I take the time to investigate why people buy

I layer those voice-of-customer insights into proven persuasion frameworks to write:

Words that are deliberately crafted to sell. 


Conversion-focused Strategy

We define key goals and KPIs, so I can propose the right conversion-focused strategy.

Voice-of-Customer Research

I do in-depth research to learn what your buyer needs to read, see, and believe to buy.

Proven Persuasion Frameworks

I combine insights with persuasion frameworks to write assets that are engineered to convert. 

Just how does a copywriter think through writing words that turn ideal buyers into actual buyers?

Here, I’ll show you. Watch me dissect these ads, emails, and sales pages.

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