The conversion copywriter that helps you:

Bring in shockingly more leads, customers, and clients.

Whether you want to fill your pipeline with promising leads, close cart on more lucrative launches, or have a record-breaking revenue year… 

Work me to get the messaging strategy and copy you need to lift conversions, scale sales, and hit your most ambitious growth goals.  

trusted by the top-tier teams at:

To build an industry-conquering company, you need campaigns that reliably convert strangers into sales.

That’s why founders and marketing teams with big growth goals come to me for:

Done-for-you copywriting

Get pages, emails, and ads engineered to turn ideal buyers into actual buyers.

Put your campaigns in experienced hands. 

So you can skip the tiresome trial-and-terror testing. (We’ll still test but, intentionally, with data-inspired hypotheses.) Toss out the terrible-fit templates. And put your team on the express path to results. 

Eye-opening copy Audits

Level up the selling power in your current campaigns. I’ll show you how.

Emails getting ignored? Pages losing leads? Sales more of a trickle than a steady stream? 

I’ll review your copy and give personalized feedback to improve underperforming assets. Copy audits come with actionable copywriting recommendations and lightning-fast 7-day delivery.

On-demand Consulting

Tackle "why won't this convert?!" challenges with the guidance of an experienced copywriter.

Google doesn’t have all the answers. So when you’re struggling to see the leads and sales you want and you’ve already tried everything you can possibly think of, it’s time to talk to a pro. 

In this 1-1 troubleshooting session, we’ll dig into the details (and your data!) and quickly turn conversion confusion into clear next steps.

Meet the copywriter who's doubled, tripled, and even septupled results.

In the first 30 days of testing. 

Hi, I’m Paige Swaffer. For nearly a decade, I’ve helped up-and-coming brands all over the world drive millions of dollars in revenue with messaging that speaks to the hearts, minds, and wallets of their ideal buyers. 

So I can tell you, without a doubt, that:  

To build a marketing growth engine that earns you the envy of your industry and the awe of your team, you must have high-performing pages, emails, and ads. 

Paige Swaffer (formerly Poutiainen) is a Copyhackers-certified Conversion Copywriter.

Copy Case Study:

$150,000 in 2.5 days: "her sales page was sharp and convincing"

"We hired Paige to write a long-form sales page. Yup, our copywriting team hired an outside copywriter to write our sales page... for a sales page course. Needless to say, our expectations were through the roof.

But Paige more than delivered. Her sales page was sharp and convincing. Bonus points for her managing this project like the pro she is - including setting good deadlines, hitting 'em all and running interviews, copy review meetings and more."
Joanna Wiebe
Founder, Copyhackers

Copy Case Study:

221% lift in lead quality: "well-researched, and most importantly, got results"

"Paige has been a complete joy to work with. The work she performed was detailed, well-researched, and most importantly, got results.

She went far beyond the call of duty when it comes to optimizing the funnel after the job was complete. I highly recommend her if you want real results for your campaigns.

I will definitely be using her on an ongoing basis because I need the best copywriting in order to stay ahead of the competition."
John Stevenson
Founder, Stevenson Retirement Solutions

See the wins I've helped talented teams bring in.

Smart companies know high-converting copy fuels business growth.

That’s because conversion copywriting and optimization work nets you more leads and sales while simultaneously…

  • boosting your ROI and ROAS, 
  • widening your profit margins, and 
  • slashing your CPL and CPA.

At any moment, your copy is either supporting your growth – or suffocating it. So fill your campaigns with high(er)-converting assets. And watch your business growth take off.

Social Ads

Stop the mindless social media scroll. Get the click. And fuel your sales systems with qualified traffic.

Landing Pages

Pinpoint qualified prospects from crowds of not-a-fit strangers with free offers. And grow your email list.

Nurturing Emails

Earn sales-critical credibility points with new subscribers. And prime them for future purchases.

Sales Pages

Close the sale and capitalize on the momentum the rest of your marketing has worked so hard to create.

Sales Emails

Help skeptical subscribers leap off the fence of indecision and power-scroll to the buy button.


Pave pathways to your offers and make the most of traffic from your SEO-optimized pages and posts.

Want to sample my copywriting skills and problem-solving process? Start here:

Copy Case Study:

165% more sales in 7 days: "She knows her stuff, big time"

“Working with Paige has been an amazing experience all around. Her skill as a copywriter paired with her incredible attention to detail and intuition made this process seriously easy. She knows her stuff, big time.

Our launch funnel saw a whopping 165% increase in immediate revenue over the 7-day period. And our memberships have had an increase of 366% in new trials over 2 weeks. I expect that number to increase by quite a lot over the coming weeks.”
David Russell
Co-founder, Centre for Shamanism

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Start a project conversation. 

Together we’ll dive into your conversion challenges, campaign details, growth goals, and more. So we can pinpoint your best conversion-boosting opportunities. And bring your team a well-deserved win.

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