"We had a 58% increase in our conversion rate. Your copywriting changes played a big part in that.”

The right words can help you drive traffic, attract new ideal buyers, and move them through the sales funnel towards that big, beautiful BUY button.

I’m Paige AKA The Impact Copywriter.

I specialize in helping training companies and service providers strategically sell more of their digital products and services online. Let’s get started.

Sales Funnel Copywriter
certified by Copy Hackers

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When it’s time to actually do your marketing, not just think about it …

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Build marketing momentum with skill & system workshops

Pick up the superpowers you need to promote your small business online. Explore self-paced video trainings on marketing systems, email marketing, copywriting, and more at The Sales Funnel Shop.

"This is SO good! Damn. Your level of detail in just a few minutes of each video... descriptive, easy to follow."
Christine L.
Workshop Student

Copy Reviews

Quickly boost your conversion rates with expert copy reviews

When your sales funnel isn’t selling like it should, get strategic feedback and actionable suggestions for optimizing the words you’re using in your emails, sales pages, and websites — all in 7 business days or less.

“Paige astutely analyzed my rushed and very, very rough sales page draft... Her extensive feedback has helped me both improve my draft and learn the finest points of copywriting.”
Jerry Joseph
Copy Review Client

Copy Coaching

Become your biz's best copywriter with a copy coach

When do-it-yourself courses and late-night Googling doesn’t quite cut it, hire a copy coach to help you hone your skills (instead of hiring a copywriter to replace you). 

"Paige gets funnels, conversion copywriting & systems better than 99.99999% of the marketers I know. If I could rent her brain on the regular, I would. Oh wait, I did."
Kira Hug
Consulting Client

Done-for-You Copywriting

Put your copy in a pro's hands with done-for-you projects

Partner with an experienced copywriter with a track record of results. Words I’ve written have directly made $12,900 – $150,000 for my clients.

“Our copywriting team hired an outside copywriter... Needless to say, our expectations were through the roof. But Paige more than delivered.”
Joanna Wiebe
Copywriting Client

So... you're looking for an experienced copywriter with a track record of results?

Hi there. I’m Paige. As certified conversion copywriter, I’m trained in the art and science of writing copy that converts. 

And guess what? The process I use works! 

So, when you’re ready to partner with a professional  who understands what it takes to bring in more of what your business needs to thrive…

I’m here to help. 

Paige Swaffer is a Copy Hacker's certified conversion copywriter.

“Paige is good, dangerously good”

“Paige is good. Dangerously good. I was blown away by both her skill and her streamlined process. Highly communicative throughout... and of course, wickedly good at writing conversion copy.”
Ryan Schwartz
Copy Hackers
“Paige is a copywriting gem. It took me forever to find a copywriter that I felt confident about partnering with—until I found Paige. Her work was as outstanding as I was hoping it to be.”
Alonso Chehade
Sales Readiness Group
“I was blown away by her talent. Not only is she an incredibly capable copywriter, she's got marketing chops and the ability to manage projects... and make the process smooth and easy."
Amy Posner
Amy Posner Copywriting