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Hi, I’m Paige Poutiainen,
funnel strategist,
conversion copywriter

… and founder of The Impact Copywriter.

I specialize exclusively in crafting profitable, sustainable, and reliable funnels for expertise businesses.

Got an audience that’s eager to learn more about funnels — without all the hype? Let’s collaborate.

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Listen to this episode I recorded with The Copywriter club Podcast

Building Better Funnels with Paige Poutiainen

by The Copywriter Club (ft. Paige Poutiainen) | The Copywriter Club Podcast

Here’s what listeners said after the episode aired:

"Learned a ton from you"

Heard you on the TCC podcast today and came through to check out your site! Learned a ton from you in that interview and simply saying a generous 'thank you!' for being so open to sharing your insights and expertise!

Listener Feedback

“I think you’re amazing”

Just listened to your interview on TCC podcast, and I think you’re amazing. I am a newbie and what you’ve said about funnels and just jumping in really stood out to me. Wanted to say thanks!

Listener Feedback

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