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Looking for someone to talk
funnels on your show?

Hi, I’m Paige Poutiainen,
funnel strategist,
conversion copywriter

… and founder of The Impact Copywriter.

I specialize exclusively in crafting profitable, sustainable, and reliable funnels for expertise businesses.

Got an audience that’s eager to learn more about funnels — without all the hype? Let’s collaborate.

“Paige knows her stuff.”

She’s a confident speaker who knows a lot about copy and funnels and marketing campaigns. Looking for a guest or speaker who can distill these complex topics and make them understandable to just about anyone? Book Paige.

Rob Marsh

Host, The Copywriter Club Podcast

Find out if I’m right for your show

Listen to this episode I recorded with The Copywriter club Podcast:

Building Better Funnels with Paige Poutiainen

by The Copywriter Club (ft. Paige Poutiainen) | The Copywriter Club Podcast

Here’s what listeners said after the episode aired:

“Learned a ton from you”

Heard you on the TCC podcast today and came through to check out your site! Learned a ton from you in that interview and simply saying a generous ‘thank you!’ for being so open to sharing your insights and expertise!

Listener Feedback

“I think you’re amazing”

Just listened to your interview on TCC podcast, and I think you’re amazing. I am a newbie and what you’ve said about funnels and just jumping in really stood out to me. Wanted to say thanks!

Listener Feedback

If you’re looking for a speaker who’s going to share a ton of value with your listeners…

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