Live Funnel Mapping

Go from “wtf?!” to fully-mapped funnel lightening fast — ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Practically everyone’s saying you need a funnel to sell online, so…

You read all the blog posts, watched all the videos, and maybe even bought a few courses. You’ve devoured every funnel resource you can get your hands on, and yet you’re still over here wondering:

“But what does a profitable funnel look like for my business?!”

At the conceptual level, you know what a funnel is — the system of steps a stranger has to take to be ready to buy from your business.

Yet, despite weeks of research, you still have a bazillion questions:

  • What should my funnel look like? 
  • How should the steps flow?  
  • Where do I need landing pages? sales pages? 
  • How many emails do I need?
  • What about a webinar? Is that right for my business?

Frustrating, right?

The good news is: You don’t have to suffer through funnel frustration. Instead, partner with a certified funnel strategist to map your new funnel in 24 hours or less. 

Get a fully-mapped sales funnel in 24 hours with

Live Funnel Mapping

Here’s how it works:

1. Book a session that fits your schedule

There are no back-and-forth emails, lengthy screening processes, or 3-month waitlists. You can book your session straight from this very page.

Choose a day and time that suits your schedule. Then finalize your payment. 

After booking, you’ll be directed to the business brief.

Take control of booking your session using our online scheduler.

Fill out the business brief and help us get up to speed on your business fast.

2. Fill out the business brief, so we can map a funnel that supports your biggest KPIs

In the business brief, you answer those most critical funnel-defining questions about your business model.

We need to understand how your business model works so that we can design a funnel that supports it.

The more we know, the better we can map a funnel that moves the needle on your most important KPIs.

3. Watch your funnel map become a reality in real time — and with your input

With your business brief complete, all that’s left to do is show up to your live mapping session.

Yes, this is that easy.

Your funnel strategist will do the prep work based on your business brief and come prepared with an initial strategy.

The purpose of the live meeting is to dive deeper into your business details, to clarify anything that might affect the funnel, and to fine-tune your funnel map in real time and with your input.

All live mapping session come with a final funnel map PDF + overview video.

4. Get your shiny new funnel map in your inbox in 24 hours (or less)

After our session, we wrap your brand new funnel map into a PDF and video you can use to guide you and/or your team as you build out your funnel.

You can expect your session deliverables in your inbox within the next 24 hours (or less) following your session.

We recommended tweaks to this membership’s funnel strategy that helped increase paid funnel conversions by 58%

The Take Back Your Temple team came to us with the goal of increasing their membership funnel’s conversion rate.

The funnel was getting a decent amount of organic traffic and a single digit conversion rate, but they believed there was room for improvement.

The first step was a thorough funnel audit.

We identified several points where the funnel could be optimized to increase membership signups.

Two weeks after receiving the results and making some changes based on our recommendations, TBYT reported 82 new members and a 58% lift in sales page conversions.

Meet your funnel strategy secret weapon (shhhhh…)

Paige Poutiainen, Certified Funnel Strategist

As the founder of The Impact Copywriter, I’ve helped CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs from around the world boost their sales with funnels and conversion copywriting. 

Growing business come to me when they want help with turning more visitors into subscribers, more subscribers into new paying customers, and more customers into long-term profitable relationships

— ultimately, reaching new levels of business growth.

“Paige gets funnels better than 99.99999% of the marketers I know”

Paige is a 2019 marketing ninja who gets funnels, conversion copywriting & systems better than 99.99999% of the marketers I know.

If I could rent her brain on the regular, I would. Oh wait, I did.

I hired Paige to partner on a sales funnel project that required big-picture strategy & attention to the finest of details.

Choose Paige and you’ll thank me in another life…or this one (either life works for me, thanks!).”

Kira Hug

Conversion Copywriter, Marketing Strategist

Paige went through the entire map for the funnel with me and was able to quickly identify a few issues that could help with the lack of conversion.

She also discovered an overlooked opportunity for lead generation in the current funnel that is a quick and easy win for the client.

With the clarity I gained from my session with Paige, I feel confident that my client will quickly see the sales they’re hungry for.

Mariana Norton

Growth Strategist

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Get a fully mapped funnel that’s fine-tuned to your business model.


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1 live funnel mapping session with a certified funnel strategist
(up to 120 minutes)

1 complete funnel map (for one offer category) in PDF form

1 funnel map video overview

24-hour turnaround time on deliverables


$897 / session

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