The conversion copywriter marketing teams hire:

"We saw 366% more trial members in 2 weeks"

Whether you want to fill your pipeline with promising leads, close cart on more lucrative launches, book out your services, or scale sales to never-before-seen levels…

Work with me to turn meh marketing materials into persuasion-packed pages, emails, and ads. 

So you can see shockingly more customers and clients in surprisingly short timeframes. 

“Our launch funnel saw a whopping 165% increase in immediate revenue over the 7-day period. And our memberships have increased by 366% in new trials over 2 weeks. I expect that number to increase by quite a lot over the coming weeks. Hire Paige. You won’t regret it."
David Russell

Want better results from your funnels, flash sales, and launches? Know this:

The number of customers and clients you ultimately bring in is directly tied to your marketing's messaging.

More than button color, more than visual appeal, more than sending emails timed perfectly to the second – the WORDS you put in your pages, emails, and ads have the utmost influence on conversions. That’s because:

Your marketing messages form the foundation of every campaign you run, including: 

the funnel-fueling ads responsible for grabbing attention-scarce social media surfers by the eyeballs

the lead-generating landing pages that help you pinpoint qualified prospects from crowds of not-a-fit strangers with free masterclasses, $0 trials, or complementary consult calls

the trust-building nurturing emails that earn your brand mission-critical credibility points and prime prospects for future purchases

the sales pages that close the deal, capitalizing on the marketing momentum the rest of the funnel has worked so hard to create - and the...

the second-chance sales emails that help uncertain leads leap off the fence of indecision and power-scroll to that big beautiful buy button.

In truth, at every stage of a campaign

Your copy is either pulling prospects closer to the YES or pushing them into the comforting arms of your competitors.

Which is why:

By turning missing-the-mark messages into wallet-wooing words, you…​

See significant lifts in conversion rates at every campaign touch point, gifting you more ad clicks, email opens, page visits, and completed checkouts.

Convert more signups, subscribers, customers, and clients without pouring more marketing dollars into an already ineffective ad spend. In fact...

Boost your ROAS as you unblock the bottlenecks all along the path to purchase.

Add multiple 000s to quarterly sales reports and put your team on track to outpace projections AND your secretly-held stretch sales goals - as you...

Regularly run high-converting campaigns that earn you the envy of your industry and the awe of your team.

Power your promos with convincing copy. And watch as the results roll in.

Join a growing roster of delighted clients who are seeing toast-worthy wins like these:

790% more trial members in 30 days

Instead of hoping potential members would stubble across a not-so-prominent sales page, this membership team hired me to plan and write an automated, evergreen funnel to streamline sales.

165% lift in launch sales in 7 days

Tired of letting pieced-together marketing efforts stifle student enrollment, this coaching company engaged me for a fully-loaded, persuasion-packed launch funnel. 

$150,000 in course sales in 2.5 days

With a successful round of beta testing under its belt, this online training company hired me to write a conversion-focused sales page to debut a new premium program.

131 new clients after a month

Eager to scale up service sales for a new customer segment, this CEO hired me to help capture leads and convert clients with trust-building pages and emails.

1000+ books sold in the first 30 days

After building a massive online audience with inspirational content, this motivational brand hired me to write a sales page to launch its first digital product.

founder + copywriter

Paige Swaffer helps growth-hungry teams uncork hidden profit potential.

Paige has repeatedly lifted the conversion rates responsible for driving millions of dollars in revenue for brands all over the world.

And she’s proven over and over again that: convincing copy is the key to consistently running high-performing campaigns that’ll have you budgeting for post-promo parties. 

Bottle of bubbly, anyone?

End maybe-this-will-work marketing mysteries with data-driven copy.

And make connection - and conversions - a sure(R) thing.

You can’t guess your way into crafting more profitable promotions. 

My process gives your campaigns a customer-creating edge – without making the risky assumptions or outright guesses that lead to even more performance problems. 

Thanks to a deep dive into buyer behavior, a purchase profile based on real people, and proven persuasion frameworks, we both enjoy the comfort that comes from data-inspired decisions.

What’s better: 

We see more reliable lifts in signups, subscribers, and sales as a result. 

Take the Test Drive:

See how I craft persuasive pages, engaging emails, and oh-look-at-this! ads.

Writing samples don’t show the whole story. So many decisions are made before the first word gets typed into a Google doc. 

So take my sales-boosting brain for a quick spin. And demo how I engineer marketing messages to inspire more would-be customers and clients to act. 

Check out rave reviews from founders + marketers like you:

"Paige is good, dangerously good"

“Paige is good. Dangerously good. I was blown away by both her skill and her streamlined process. Highly communicative throughout... and of course, wickedly good at writing conversion copy.”
Ryan Schwartz
“Paige is a copywriting gem. It took me forever to find a copywriter that I felt confident about partnering with—until I found Paige. Her work was as outstanding as I was hoping it to be.”
Alonso Chehade
Sales Readiness Group
“Paige's audit on my launching funnel has completely transformed how I view my own programme. Her insights are so well considered and the research that she put into my audit was astonishing... "
Luci McPherson
The Creative VA Blueprint
“I was blown away by her talent. Not only is she an incredibly capable copywriter, she's got marketing chops and the ability to manage projects and make the process smooth and easy..."
Amy Posner
Amy Posner Copywriting
“Paige is a truly gifted copywriter - thorough, dedicated and super easy to work with. The campaign she wrote for us has been harnessing way above average results so far!"
Andrea Taylor
Professional Photographers of America
“Our copywriting team hired an outside copywriter... Needless to say, our expectations were through the roof. But Paige more than delivered. Her sales page was sharp and convincing..."
Joanna Wiebe

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Solidify your status as the marketing mastermind behind next quarter's record-breaking revenue.

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