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Skyrocket your digital product + program sales with smarter sales funnels

No extra hustle required.

You’re tired of chasing potential students,
customers, and clients around the web

It’s a constant hustle to grow your biz — creating content, showing up on social media, cold pitching, going to networking events — doing all the things you’re supposed to do.

“So, why aren’t more students joining my course?”
“Why aren’t more clients signing up for my coaching program?”
“What the heck am I missing?”

Well, here’s what’s not missing: 

🚫 You don’t need to do more stuff.

🚫 You don’t need to show up in more places.

🚫 You don’t even need to show up more often.

The key to selling more digital products and programs online isn’t hustling harder. It’s marketing smarter.

What you need is a smarter sales funnel.

Take your best prospect from “Who’s this?” to
“I have to work with her — pronto!”

A sales funnel is a series of deliberate steps (think lead magnets, landing pages, emails, and sales pages) engineered to:

  • identify your best prospects and…
  • get them to know, like, and trust you so that…
  • they’re ready, willing, and excited to learn from you.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to sell more of your digital products and programs without all the unnecessary hustle?

I help businesses selling digital products + programs online

reach new levels of business growth

with sales funnels that get you more opens, more clicks, more subscribers, and more sales. 

Hi, I’m Paige, your certified funnel strategist and conversion copywriter.

Growing business come to me when they want help with turning…

  • more visitors into subscribers,
  • more subscribers into new paying customers, and
  • more customers into long-term profitable relationships

— ultimately, reaching new levels of business growth.

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Done-for-You Services

I’ve worked with CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs from around the world to help them boost their sales with funnels and conversion copywriting.

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sell more digital products + programs

Click on the case studies below to find out how I solve real-world funnel problems.

CASE STUDY: How a membership program increased conversions by 58% in 2 weeks

The team at Take Back Your Temple hired me to audit their membership funnel. It was getting an OK conversion rate, but they wanted better. Two weeks after, they reported a 58% increase in the conversion rate and a 326% ROI. Here’s how…

CASE STUDY: How to build an email list of potential buyers (not just subscribers)

I recently did an analysis of all the email campaigns I sent over the last quarter. Specifically, I was interested in open rates and click-through rates to see what emails worked, what didn’t, and where new opportunities could be. I was quite surprised by what I found…

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