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Map your best path to profit with a certified funnel strategist

If you’re wondering “What’s all this fuss about sales funnels?” you should know:

They could transform your business.

An online sales funnel is the system of landing pages, sales pages, and emails you need to effectively sell your digital products and programs.

It has 2 sales-supporting jobs: (1) turning web visitors into subscribers (aka leads) and then (2) converting subscribers into customers, clients, students or members.

Most importantly, the majority (if not all) of a digital program sales funnel can be automated.

That means a well-crafted funnel could…

✓ put a steady stream of cash into your account every month,
✓ regularly result in drool-worthy sales reports, and
✓ have you clinking champagne glasses at the end of every quarter

It’s exciting, right? Imagine the possibilities.


A funnel map shows what landing pages, sales pages, and more you need to sell your stuff online. 

Instead of working with a certified funnel strategist from the start, here’s what most business owners choose:

They dive in head first, eager to throw up landing pages, set up email automations, and test ad campaigns…

… without giving much thought to the strategic foundation their sales system needs to succeed.

They invest weeks (or even months) of effort struggling with copy, fussing with designs, and troubleshooting tech, only to end up with a fragmented, scatter-brained, duct taped funnel that attracts all the wrong people to the party

— ultimately building a list of subscribers who are never going to become buyers.

They may even flush hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in ad spend down the toilet until…

Finally, they get frustrated and fed up because they don’t understand why their funnel isn’t bringing in sales. Utterly defeated, they go back to the drawing board and officially declare:

“Funnels just don’t work for my business.”

That’s just not true because…

Funnels are working for tens of thousands of business in all kinds of industries all over the web every single day. They can work for you too — if you build them the right way.

Would you rather suffer through fragmented funnel frustration
OR skip straight to the best path to profit?

Savvy business owners know that to build a successful sales funnel they first have to have a solid strategy.

That’s because planning a profitable funnel takes…

✓ problem-solving,
✓applied strategic thinking, and
✓ laying the right foundation.

You don’t have to suffer through the fragmented funnel trap.

You can skip it altogether by working with a funnel strategist that can start you off on the right path to profit.

If you want to get it right the first time… or at least get it right this next time…

Work with our team to (1) plan and map your new funnels or (2) improve your existing ones.

Hi, I’m Paige, the founder of The Impact Copywriter, and the certified funnel strategist you’ll be working with

As the founder of The Impact Copywriter, I’ve helped CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs from around the world boost their sales with funnels and conversion copywriting. 

Growing business come to me when they want help with turning more visitors into subscribers, more subscribers into new paying customers, and more customers into long-term profitable relationships

— ultimately, reaching new levels of business growth.

Curious how I can help you plan a sales system that makes all your growth dreams come true? 

Book a no-obligation, growth-focused chat with my team. 

“Paige discovered an overlooked opportunity for lead generation that’s a quick and easy win”

Mariana Norton, Growth Strategist

Case Study

This membership program boosted funnel conversions by 58% in 2 weeks

The Take Back Your Temple team came to us with the goal of increasing their membership funnel’s conversion rate.

The funnel was getting a decent amount of organic traffic and a single digit conversion rate, but they believed there was room for improvement.

The first step was a thorough funnel audit.

We identified several points where the funnel could be optimized to increase membership signups.

Two weeks after receiving the results and making some changes based on our recommendations, TBYT reported 82 new members and a 58% lift in sales page conversions.

“You blew me away with the thoroughness of your audit”

Wow. You blew me away with the thoroughness of your audit. We ended up having 77 new members join over the last 4 days – plus our first new member to join at the new, higher rate this evening. I believe that we had a 58% increase in our conversion rate and your copywriting changes played a big part in that.

Kimberly Taylor

Founder, Life Coach

It’s not just about the results. The experience matters too.

It’s not only about profits that have you clinking champagne glasses at the end of every quarter.

You also need a strategic partner who can make all your growth dreams a reality and someone who shows up as a professional service provider.

I understand you want funnels and copy that support your biggest KPIs. But that’s not all you get.

The cherry on top is this:

You get a partner you can trust to come in and deliver what was promised without heaping another hundred to-dos onto your already overflowing plate.

Projects are managed from beginning to end with structured workflows, check-ins, and milestone meetings. We hit deadlines, and you never have to worry about the status of your project.


Take a shortcut to success. Work with a professional.

Here’s how we can help:


New Sales Funnel Strategy

When you’re ready to market and (pre-)sell your shiny, new program, start with a solid funnel strategy. With your funnel map in hand, you’ll see your best path to profit and know exactly what landing pages, sales pages, and emails you need to make it happen.


Sales Funnel Review

When you’re ready to improve your existing sales funnel for more leads and sales, start with a funnel review. This is a funnel deep dive that shows you where your existing funnel needs improvement and gives you suggestions on how to fix it.

Planning your best path to profit starts with a no-obligation, growth-focused chat

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