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Planning, building + deploying a sales funnel is a lot of work

There are tens, if not hundreds, of decisions to make, copy pieces to write, pages to design, tools to setup, and automations to test.

And after decision fatigue sets in, you end up making a lot of WAGs… wild a** guesses.

Your brain 🧠  on funnels…

What should I offer? How should I package it?
What lead magnet should I create? Is this the right topic? Or is that the right topic?

Am I on the right track? 

What’s next: a webinar? video series? 
What do I write in my video script? my webinar outline? my landing pages? my sales page? my emails? 

Am I really on the right track?

What about this tool? That tool? Oooo that tool?!
How do I connect this to that? Okay, nothing happened…

Please someone tell me I’m on the right track!

You start, stop, change your mind, and finally … delay

Months later, frustrated, you wonder: am I ever going to finish this funnel + start making sales?!

You’re already beyond busy. You’re looking for the shortest path to profit – NOT another bazillion overwhelming things to add to your todo list.

Thankfully there’s good news

You don’t have to do it alone!
Done-for-You Funnels can take that heavy funnel burden off of your shoulders.

Done-for-You Funnels is a structured funnel package and process for ambitious CEOs, coaches + creators

who want to…

Book more consults with your dream clients

so you can spend your calls with ONLY the people who have the right attitude + the right budget to work with you.

Enroll more of the right students in your courses

so you get more impressive results, testimonials + case studies. And less people asking for refunds.

Grow your email list with the right leads

so that you continuously grow a tribe of people that want to buy from you day after day, month after month.

Hi, I’m Paige, your certified funnel strategist, conversion copywriter + all-around automation nerd.

I’m going to take all this funnel stress off your shoulders.

I’m here to help you plan, build, and deploy lead base-growing, sales-boosting sales funnels.

I helped this professional service provider increase paid consults by 2520% with done-for-you funnels.

This sales page had a 23.7% conversion rate.

This email drip had a 57% open rate, 21% click-thru rate.

This campaign sold 1127 tickets in 30 days.

Get your lead base-growing, sales-boosting funnel



  • 3 lead magnet ideas
  • 1 strategic lead magnet developed
  • 1 opt-in page
  • 1 upgraded thank you page + video script
  • 1 upgraded delivery email



  • 3 lead magnet ideas
  • 1 strategic lead magnet developed
  • 1 op-tin page
  • 1 upgraded thank you page + video script
  • 1 lead magnet delivery email
  • 1 sales page
  • 1 post-sale thank you page
  • up to 10 emails to promote core offer



  • 3 strategic lead magnet ideas
  • 1 strategic lead magnet
  • 1 opt-in page
  • 1 lead magnet delivery email
  • 1 tripwire upsell page
  • 1 core offer sales page
  • up to 10 emails to promote tripwire + core offer



  • 3 webinar topic ideas
  • 1 webinar outline (with chosen topic)
  • 1 registration page
  • 1 upgraded thank you page + video script
  • 1 sales page
  • 1 post-sale thank you page
  • up to 15 emails for to promote signing up, showing up, and buying/applying



  • up to 10 mini-class ideas
  • 4 video scripts
  • 1 mini-class opt-in page
  • 4 landing pages (one for each lesson)
  • 1 sales page
  • 1 post-sale thank you page
  • up to 10 emails to promote lessons + the core offer



  • 3 lead magnet ideas
  • 1 strategic lead magnet developed
  • 1 op-tin page
  • 1 upgraded thank you page + video script
  • 1 lead magnet delivery email
  • 1 application sales page
  • 1 upgraded thank you page + video script
  • Feedback on your screening questions
  • 1 appointment booking page
  • Up to 10 emails to promote applying and booking

Don’t worry about which funnel you need

That’s something I’ll help you figure out during the strategy phase of our project. We’ll choose the right funnel for you based on your offer, your target customer, your team’s technical skill level, and the resources you have available (e.g. time!).

In each funnel pack, you also get:

Exceptions apply to the The Strategy Starter Package. See “Packages” for more details.


  • packaging suggestions to make your core offer more irresistible
  • opportunities for up-sells, downsells, and cross-sells to make your funnel more profitable


  • 1 one-page funnel blueprint of what your funnel should look like, so you can make the right strategic decisions


  • 1 insight report outlining pains point, wants, motivational triggers, and hesitations from data based on real conversations and experiences—so funnel decisions are based on real stories, not guesswork


  • 3 ad copy variations for the 1st step of your funnel for testing what resonnates with your target customer best
  • visual mockups that work in sync with each ad copy variation
  • suggestions for targetting, so you don’t waste your ad spend on the wrong eyeballs



  • 3 content ideas with detailed outlines and strategic call to actions to help you create blog posts, video scripts or promo emails to promote your funnel


  • landing page wireframes for every page in your funnel, so you know how to layout all your pages when building
  • suggestions for what images to include and where to put them for you or your designer


  • Automation guidelines for all the steps in your funnel that can be automated, so you don’t have to spend brainpower figuring out how it should work.


  • 1 final debriefing call to get your most pressing funnel ???s answered and to discuss deliverables + execution


  • an extra 30 days of email and call support to get feedback, guidance, and advice during funnel design and setup.

Design + Setup

Done-for-you design and setup can be purchased as an add-on. Setup is only available for select tools.



1 Profit maximizer strategy session

1 Funnel blueprint

Customer insights report

3 Lead magnet ideas

Final Q&A call


3K per package
4 weeks turnaround


1 Profit maximizer strategy session

2-3 Coaching sessions

1 Funnel blueprint

Customer insights report

The Right Leads Funnel Pack

Conversion copywriting

2 rounds of revisions on each piece of copy

Landing Page Wireframes

Facebook Ad Pack OR Strategic Content Pack

Automation map

Final Q&A call

30 days of support


10K per package
8 weeks turnaround


1 Profit maximizer strategy session

3-6 Coaching sessions

1 Funnel blueprint

Customer insights report

1 Sales funnel pack :
(The Simple Sales, The Tripwire, Webinar, Mini-class, OR Application)

Conversion copywriting

2 rounds of revisions on each piece of copy

Landing page wireframes

Facebook Ad Pack OR Strategic Content Pack

Automation map

Final Q&A call

30 days of support


25K per package
12-16 weeks turnaround

“Amazing to work with”

"Amazing to work with"

Paige has been amazing to work with. Incredibly organised, efficient, and on the mark. Her work always exceeds expectations.

David Hoffmann

CEO, Global Regency

"Loved the work"

I really loved the work you did. Gosh, it was great! I really really loved listening to it all. I loved your wording. It really stands out. I'm thrilled. I was so impressed. Thank you.

Sophie Whitehouse

Founder, Classtime

What if you could 7x your revenue by this time next year?

With strategic sales funnels this is a reasonable outcome within your grasp. 

Turn 5K/mo. into 35K/mo. = $420,000/yr.
Turn 10K/mo. into 70K/mo. = $840,000/yr. 
Turn 20K / mo. into 140K/mo = $1,680,000/yr. 

You get the picture, right?

Here’s how you get your
Done-for-You Funnel


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I’ll review your funnel details over the next few days. If we’re a good fit + the timing works, I’ll set up our first exploratory call.


I’ll send you a detailed action plan + a contract. Once you sign and pay the initial deposit, your project dates will officially be blocked off in the project calendar.


That’s it. I arrange our kickoff coaching calls and start collecting information. By the offical start date, we’ll be ready to hit the ground running!

In 6 months from now… 

The possibilities are powerful!

→ You have rivers of qualified leads flowing into your business day after day, week after week, month after month—without having to lift a finger, write a blog post, or drag yourself to another pointless networking event.

→ You’ve already doubled your monthly revenue and raised your prices to keep up with demand.

→ You don’t wonder (read: worry) that this is going to be a slow month… Because you don’t have slow months anymore. Not unless you want to, of course.

→ You look forward to your launch because you have a roaring crowd of enthuastic potential students who can’t wait to get access to their first modules.

→ You sell out of your programs and packages without having to try too hard because you have people ready, willing, and excited to work with you coming in your virtual doors every day.

“She went above and beyond”

"Listened to our needs"

Paige listened to our needs and worked with our hectic schedule... She gave us more than we expected. We will definitely work with her again.

Jana Hristova

Office Manager, Best Deal Realty

"I love working with Paige!"

I love working with Paige! She always delivers on time, and her writing is great. She's fantastic at distilling complex concepts into easy-to-understand language, and she knows how to write to her audience.

Justin Wilcox

Founder, The FOCUS Framework

"She went above and beyond"

I honestly did not expect the excellent quality of work that she delivered. It was timely, professional... Excellent work and very happy with the results... She went above and beyond.

Richard Li


"Surpassed all expectations"

I truly enjoyed working with Paige. She is very talented and definitely surpassed all expectations. I cannot wait to work with her again!

Sophia A.

Founder, First the Dress

“I’m already busy. How much of my time will this take?

My goal is to make this project as smooth and stress-free as possible for you. And I have a solid process to keep the nitty gritty off your shoulders.

That said, this is a collaborative process.

I will need access to your brain + expertise. You will need to be fully present in all our coaching sessions and willing to give feedback on deliverables throughout the project. That’s how we end up with a funnel that we’re both happy with. 

I’ll need approximately 2 hours of your time per week.

Here are a few ways I organize my projects to hit deadlines + create a stress-free experience for you:

âś” detailed timeline outlining major stages of the project

âś” checkpoints + documents you sign off on to make sure we’re always moving in the right direction

âś” scheduled calls, regular check-ins, email updates so that you always know what to expect + when

âś” project management dashboard to make sure we dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s.

Other ???s CEOs ask before getting started

How long does a funnel take to build?
An end-to-end sizable funnel project can take anywhere from 3 to 5 months. Simple lead gen funnels can take anywhere from 1 to 2 months.

Do you build funnels for physical products?
Nope. Physical products require a different type of funnel. I specialize entirely in sales funnels for selling information, e.g. courses, 1:1 services, coaching, or digital products.

How do I know you'll deliver what you promise?
A contract! Before the work begins on your project, we’ll agree on terms + sign a legally binding contract.

That way, we both are crystal clear on what is expected of the other party. And we have options for recourse if either of us fail to uphold those terms.

What if I don't have anything to sell yet?
I never advise building robust funnels for new offers. There’s too much risk, too many assumptions. Always test your offer first with your existing email list.

No email list? No problem. We can talk about setting up a simple lead gen funnel to grow your lead base + give you a platform to test new offers.

Are there any refunds?

This is creative work. So, there are no refunds. Though, selected packages come with TWO sets of revisions so you’re 100% satisfied with what you get.

That said, I do have your best interests at heart, and I’m invested in your success.

I want you to be 100% happy with your project deliverables. If you aren’t satisfied with the work, please reach out to me, so that I can make it right.

(This is not to be confused with outcomes like earnings, sales, profit or ROI. I can’t guarantee a specific return on your project. Take a look at the Earnings Disclaimer for more details.)

At the end of the day, I like to look at these things on a case-by-case basis. Send me an email, tell me what’s up, and I’ll work with you to make it right.

Are results guaranteed?

Your success is dependent on many factors, including but not limited to, your skills, financial resources, marketing knowledge, business model, and the time you devote to your business – as well as the current online market.

I cannot in good faith guarantee you a certain result, simply because I cannot control all the factors that influence your success. 

That said, your success IS my success too. If I don’t think you can succeed using funnels, or if there’s something standing in your way, I will tell you upfront. 

If I don’t truly believe a funnel package can at least double your revenues, I will not take your project. Or I’ll work with you to fix what’s standing in the way. 

Got a question not covered here? Email me.

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