How TBYT increased membership signups by 58% in 2 weeks

Take Back Your Temple, an online weight loss membership program, hired The Impact Copywriter to audit its sales funnel for optimization opportunities.

After implementing only a few suggestions, the team saw a 58% increase in membership signups after only 2 weeks.

The Challenge:

A less-than-satisfying conversion rate plus an impending price hike

Though the Take Back Your Temple (TBYT) team had built a unique and growing faith-based weight loss membership program, they were itching to hit a higher daily member signup goal.

To get there, they knew traffic wasn’t the problem. Conversions were.

“Ultimately, our goal was to get more members enrolling in the program on a daily basis. We had no problems getting people to view the sales page, but we weren’t converting them well.”
Kimberly Taylor

To make matters more complex, the founders were also preparing to update a drastically outdated pricing structure:

“After receiving feedback that our bottom-of-the-barrel fees could be affecting what people thought about the program’s value, we decided to update our pricing. The fees would change from $59.95/yr to $27/mo.”
Kimberly Taylor

This pricing move meant a 440% hike in the monthly fee for new members. And the founders had no idea how the upcoming change would affect conversions.

Though, logic would suggest a higher fee would bring negative implications.

So less-than-satisfying conversion rates combined with price changes prompted the TBYT team to seek out conversion-boosting opportunities (potentially) hiding in the existing sales funnel.

And having seen only minor results from their own testing efforts, the team turned to The Impact Copywriter for help.

“The conversion rate was 3% typically. I believed we could do better! And I had been running small tests (like with headlines) to see if I could budge conversions.”
Kimberly Taylor

The solution:

A full analysis spotlights major misalignments in the sales funnel

The Impact Copywriter’s founder, Paige Swaffer, began by building a purchase profile for members with details provided by the TBYT team.

She then used that profile to complete a data-inspired analysis of the funnel strategy and sales messaging. This included a full audit of the control lead magnet, opt-in page, nurturing emails, sales emails, and sales page.

Much to the founders’ surprise, Paige’s analysis spotlighted major strategic misalignments:

“I’ll be honest, watching the audit video the first time was hard. We believed we were already doing all the right things and just expected Paige to confirm it.

Then I watched the audit video she provided again with my business partner. And we both saw the problems she described so clearly - issues we just couldn’t see before. Wow.”
Kimberly Taylor

Paige gave the team a full report and explainer videos that detailed her findings.

Major issues included:

The sales emails weren’t, in fact, sales emails. They were content- focused newsletters that didn’t support the goal of the funnel.

The funnel itself was full of unnecessary exit pathways, competing goals, and offer confusion.

The ideal member profile seemed to be based on assumptions rather than actual data, increasing the risk embedded in the messaging.

The copy as a whole reflected a noticeable lack of emotional connection, which was strange given weight loss is generally an emotional experience...

– among others.

She recommended ways the founders could build a bank of voice-of-customer data, beef up the sales page’s most important real estate (i.e. crossheads), reduce friction to the higher-priced fee, and retool the sales email sequence to support the core objective: member signups.

The results:

58% more signups in 2 weeks, 82 new members & counting

Recommendations in hand, the founders quickly got to work.

They compiled an 8-page document – following Paige’s suggestion – filled with details from reviews, testimonials, and past survey data. This info is an asset that’ll prove useful for all marketing and sales efforts.

Plus, as an unexpected side-effect, the founder gained extra clarity on the program’s value and positioning:

“I also had an AHA moment. I realize we offer a MENTORSHIP program, not a membership. I am in our Facebook group 5 days a week, interacting with our members personally. Plus, they help each other with peer- to-peer support.

That is an incredible value. Our fees should reflect that.”
Kimberly Taylor

Just 2 weeks following the audit, the team reported 82 new members (and counting) and a 58% increase in conversions. These results came after implementing only a handful of recommendations.

Here’s what co-founder Kimberly Taylor had to say about the experience: 

"Wow. Paige has blown me away with the thoroughness of her audit. She’s very professional and easy to work with. Highly recommend!

We ended up having 77 new members join over the last 4 days - plus our first new member to join at the new, higher rate this evening.

I believe that we had a 58% increase in our conversion rate and her copywriting changes played a big part in that."
Kimberly Taylor

Paige Swaffer

Conversion Copywriter

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