How the Centre for Shamanism increased launch sales by 165% in 7 days

The Centre for Shamanism, a (mostly) virtual training company, hired The Impact Copywriter to optimize the launch funnel for its signature training program. The results? The team saw a 165% lift in immediate revenue over a 7-day promo period.

The Challenge:

Pieced-together marketing,
less-than-stellar results

Since its founding, the Centre for Shamanism had built some serious momentum: a small group of eager students, a growing free community of 8500+ members, a reputable brand, and a highly rated signature training program.

Yet, despite early wins, the company was still seeing less-than-stellar sales results from pieced-together marketing efforts.

The founders recognized the value of copywriting but hadn’t experienced much success with self-study courses and copywriting templates.

As one founder put it, fussing and “failing” with the launch copy was frustrating.

And worse, it pulled him away from other critical work.

“To be a good copywriter takes A LOT of skill and organization. There isn't enough time in the day to run a successful business AND be an awesome copywriter.

If your business isn't copywriting then you have to choose: Write poor copy yourself or get good copy done by a pro.”
David Russell

The solution:

Crafting authentic copy based on the ideal student's purchase profile

They needed launch copy that sang to the souls of their audience AND generated the sales needed to sustain and expand their spiritual work.

So they hired The Impact Copywriter.

"After reading Paige's proposal, which put into words my needs for this business better than I ever could have myself, I knew she was the person I wanted to work with."​
David Russell

With the goal of optimizing for more sales, The Impact Copywriter’s founder Paige Swaffer began by building a purchase profile of the Centre’s best students.

She conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s existing customer base and free community, benchmarked competitors, and proposed conversion-boosting opportunities for both the funnel and messaging strategy.

Paige also worked closely with the founders to optimize the program’s positioning and the offer, a move that gave life a new VIP tier.

“Her skill as a copywriter, paired with her incredible attention to detail and intuition made this process seriously easy. There were barely any edits over two very large projects.

Our launch funnel saw a whopping 165% increase in immediate revenue over the 7-day period."
David Russell

The results:

165% boost in immediate launch revenue during the 7-day promo period

With the customer deep dive complete, Paige applied the fresh, fine-tuned ideal buyer insights to the launch copy.

She reimagined the program sales page, added a brand new 14-part email sequence, and created a new live event pre-launch funnel for nurturing potential customers. 

And as a result, the Centre…

lifted immediate revenue by 165% in 7 days

lifted payment plan revenue by 100% in 7 days

shortened the promo period by 23 days

tested a new premium VIP tier

used a mid-cart bonus to promote a complementary membership offer and boost MRR.

now has a repeatable launch strategy and system that can be reused for future launches

Here’s what co-founder David Russell had to say about the experience:

“Working with Paige has been an amazing experience all around. Her skill as a copywriter paired with her incredible attention to detail and intuition made this process seriously easy.

I love how she explains her reasoning behind every single word that is written. It really helps you to understand the 'why'.

She knows her stuff, big time. Hire Paige. You won't regret it. Neither will your bank account.”
David Russell

Paige Swaffer

Conversion Copywriter

Paige helps growth-hungry teams uncork hidden profit potential with campaign copy that converts.

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