Break through your biggest funnel block — and fast!

When you need funnel help fast, book a 90-minute Funnel Breakthrough Session. There’s no lengthy application, back-and-forth emails, or 3-month waitlist.

**Book your session right here, right now.**

In this 90-minute intensive session, we’ll dive into your goals, your business strategy, your existing funnel, your biggest challenge, and potential solutions.

It’s like renting the brain of a certified funnel strategist and lazer-focusing all that superpower on your business.

You get: 

✓ a 90-minutes 1-on-1 with a certified funnel strategist, including professional feedback and actionable tactics/solutions to get you unstuck and moving forward

✓ a video recording of our session, so you can focus on solving problems, not taking notes

Show up with your biggest problem.

Leave with actionable tactics you can use to move your funnel forward.

I recently booked a Funnel Breakthrough Session with Paige to go through a funnel that isn’t reaching sales targets.

Paige went through the entire map for the funnel with me and was able to quickly identify a few issues that could help with the lack of conversion.

She also discovered an overlooked opportunity for lead generation in the current funnel that is a quick and easy win for the client.

With the clarity I gained from my session with Paige, I feel confident that my client will quickly see the sales they’re hungry for.

Mariana Norton

Growth Strategist

Hi, I’m Paige, your certified funnel strategist + certified conversion copywriter (←one of the few!)

Growing business come to me when they want help with turning…

  • ✓ more visitors into subscribers,
  • ✓ more subscribers into new paying customers, and
  • ✓ more customers into long-term profitable relationships

— ultimately, reaching new levels of business growth.

I’ve worked with CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs from around the world to help them boost their sales with funnels and conversion copywriting.

Here’s what we can reasonably accomplish in your 90-minute session

  • POPULAR! Map a new funnel blueprint for one of your offers
  • Outline a plan for bringing more leads into your business
  • Identify optimization opportunities for taking your funnel to the next level


  • POPULAR! Plan out an email sequence to sell your course, coaching program, or service package
  • Brainstorm strategic lead magnet ideas that will attract the right people to your busines
  • Tighten up your “packaging”, so you have a highly desirable offer to sell
  • Troubleshoot an existing funnel, pointing out weaknesses and how to fix them
  • Figure out how to monetize your email list and turn more subscribers into customers

Important! Funnel Breakthrough Sessions are not suitable for from-scratch copywriting projects.

You book. We meet.
We solve. Done.


1. Book your session.

You can book your session right here, right now. Choose a day and time from the booking app below:


2. Fill in the breakthrough brief

After you confirm your session, you’ll be redirected to the breakthrough brief. Fill in the short form to help me prepare for our session.


3. Meet Paige on Zoom

We’ll meet in a Zoom meeting room where we’ll both be able to share screens and collaborate in real time. You’ll get the link in your confirmation email.

*This is a video call. Shortly after our session, I’ll send you the link to download your video recording. 

Book your session right here, right now:

That’s right. There’s no lengthy application, back-and-forth emails, or 3-month waitlist.

Funnel Breakthrough. 90 minutes with a certified funnel strategist. $500 per session.

If the booking app doesn’t load, visit the direct booking link here.

You’re one video call away from a funnel breakthrough…

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Quick questions? Quick answers…


How do I join the session?

Sessions are held on Zoom. You’ll get the meeting link in your confirmation email.


Is this a video call?

Yep, it’s a video meeting. Yep, we can share screens as needed.


How/when do I pay?

Payment is due at booking. You can pay via credit or debit card (like with any online purchase).


Oops! I lost the brief link...


How should I prepare?

Please test Zoom beforehand to avoid any delays due to technical difficulties. Bring any materials we need to solve your specific issue. Then show up at the scheduled time ready to go.


No times available?

That means the calendar is full. Reach out to us at with your desired timeline, and we’ll see if we can work you in.

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