Tired of feeling like all your marketing is always rush, rush, rush?

“We have to launch this tomorrow!” – Clients, colleagues, and my past self

Most business owners and clients I talk to don’t plan. My past self included.

Everything’s always needed “tomorrow.” You change directions 10 times a month. Work gets done but goes unused. Your team has no idea what’s most important right now. Crazy deadlines lead to subpar work.

And when the campaign’s finally over, it didn’t get the results you were hoping for. Disappointing.


I like to call this Rush Marketing.

This approach is definitely alluring. It keeps you flexible and reactive. It’s a favorite for entrepreneurs, like me, who get excited by ideas.

But there are some serious downsides:

  • everything’s always rushed, read: half-baked,
  • your team gets whiplash as you change directions over and over again,
  • the campaign doesn’t get the results it could have gotten with proper planning,
  • the constant pressure keeps your team stressed and will burn you all out over time, and…

The most dangerous downside is

At the end of the 365-day year, your business really hasn’t achieved that much.

That’s because, if you want to move swiftly toward your goals and achieve a lot, EVERYTHING – I repeat everything – has to be synced to support those goals.


Rush Marketing is too distracting and reactive to be INTENTIONAL. And your business goals suffer for it.

Not to mention, results-driven marketing campaigns take time to plan, build, and deploy—especially if you’re doing more complex email campaigns + sales funnels.

That said, I’m not a huge fan of planning too much. We’re doing business in a fast-paced environment. Everything’s always changing, and we have to be flexible.

The good news: there’s a happy balance between too much planning + goal-damaging Rush Marketing.


Wanna know the NO rush, smarter way I use to plan marketing?

Today, I want to share with you how I plan marketing. It’s not rushed, but it’s still flexible. It lets me breathe and gives me enough time to put together a solid campaign that supports my business goals. Or my client’s business goals.

Click play + get freedom from your not-so-favorite Rush Marketing: