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The root cause of most funnel failures (and what’s blocking you from anything “that converts”)

A business owner reached out for a "website that converts." So, I sent back a few questions: What...

That time a lower conversion rate got MORE sales

We’re all obsessed with conversion rates — and for good reason: They’re a measuring stick for...

The simple newsletter technique that turns subscribers into customers

Only about 10% of subscribers who go through your funnel the first time will be ready to buy from...

How to make your sales page headlines work harder for conversions [a sales page review]

Your best prospects are bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands, of messages per day. If you...

How to speak the voice of the customer to boost conversions on your sales page [a sales page review]

One of the pillars of creating a high-converting sales page is connecting with your reader. That...

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Inside the CEO Day Kit Quiz Funnel TRANSCRIPT: Hi there, I'm Paige Funnel Strategist, Conversion Copywriter and founder of The Impact Copywriter. In this video, I'm gonna share with you a quiz funnel blueprint put together by the Talented Ladies at Being Boss for their CEO...

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