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Hi there, I’m Paige Funnel Strategist, Conversion Copywriter and founder of The Impact Copywriter. In this video, I’m gonna share with you a quiz funnel blueprint put together by the Talented Ladies at Being Boss for their CEO Day Kit.

Let’s start by looking at the overall blueprint. Now I’m not sure how they’re generating traffic into this funnel and then they have a podcast, so they’re probably using some organic content. They might have videos, they might have blog posts. I landed there through a blog post but it wasn’t published by them and it wasn’t a guest post by them. So it was just someone sharing about their quiz. And I was interested, so I hopped on over there to take it.

So I’m really not sure how they’re getting traffic into this funnel. So my first touch point with it was with the quiz. Now I’ll show what that looks like. So it’s just a simple quiz, they’re helping you figure out what kind of CEO you are. So it was really interesting for me and I just hopped in here. I took the quiz. It was really short, it took less than five minutes. And it just asks you some questions about your CEO personality or your boss personality. So I would say somewhere around 10 questions.

Now at the end of the quiz, I was prompted to enter my email address to get the result. So that’s how when you use a quiz as an opt-in, that’s usually how it works. That you swap the email address for the quiz result. Now after I got my result, Get Shit Done CEO, I received a delivery email.

Now I’m not sure, because I can’t see the backend of this quiz, how many results they actually deliver. But because I shared this with some of my friends and they got different results than me, I do know that they are actually showing people different results. They’re not just making you go through the quiz and giving you the same result. So I would imagine they had anywhere from three to five different results on the backend.

Now, what’s interesting form this point, is that the promo emails I received after giving my quiz results were very specifically tied to get Get Shit Done CEO. So I would also imagine that they have done the same thing for the other types of CEOs. That they have three to five different email sequences that are very specifically talking to the CEO result that you got in the quiz.

So I’ll show you what one of those emails look like so you can see what I mean here. So as you can see here in the subject line we have, “How to protect your energy while getting shit done.” And that was clear like all the promo emails I got up until the point where I purchased this product. In the subject line, they had some version of getting shit done, or get shit done. Or some version of that keyword, that’s again, so that’s really specific to my result.

You can say they’ve also kind of dropped in a few places in the email, “You’re a Get Shit Done CEO. Let’s get some shit done together.” And then the tips and tactics that they propose in their emails, which is how they kind of start out all their emails, giving you something beneficial or helpful, are also very specific to my results. So you know, “The problems that Get Shit Done CEOs have, or their weaknesses, their strengths,” and then those tips and tactics that they deliver in emails really speak to those. So I would also imagine that that’s true for the other emails sequences as well. That the content is very closely related to the results and the nuances of those results.

You can also see that they eventually lead into promoting their core product which is their CEO Day Kit. So all of their emails kind of follow this format. They first led with helpful content, and then they led into the promo part. Just a really short promo to promote their CEO Day Kit. We have some in-email links, we have one button link, and this was very similar in all of the emails.

So when we look at our funnel blueprint, you can see that I’ve matched here that all of the email sequences lead back to the same sales page, the same product. So as far as I can tell at least, they’re selling the same product to three, four, five different subgroups with different messages, but they’re all leading back to the same place.

So we’ll hop on over and see what the sales page looks like. Now just looking at the sales page, and again I’m not on the backend, so I can’t be sure of this. It looks like they’re all going to the same sales page and I say that because this page doesn’t specifically call out The Get Shit Done CEO, it doesn’t call out any particular CEO. So I’m assuming that that’s because it’s written for all of the CEO types.

So a really interesting test that you could do for this would be to pick one of those groups as like Get Shit Done CEO, and test a specific sales page that’s written just for the Get Shit Done CEO against this kind of general page that’s written for all the groups. That would be a really interesting test to see if the more specific page actually lifts the conversion rate and increases the sales for this product or service, that would be a really interesting test to do.

So going back to our blueprint. So to sum up, you can use a simple quiz funnel to kind of divide your core audience. In this example, it was creative CEOs into subgroups so that you can speak in a more personalized, a more custom, a more targeted way to them in your promotion.

So you yourself can consider using a sales funnel to do kind of the same type of segmentation, so breaking a niche into subgroups. So if you’re serving photographers, web designers, and graphic designers, you know all of these have a very specific kind of profession. So this kind of segmenting by industry. And they have a different language that they use, they have their own kind of tribal language if you will.

And you’ll wanna speak to that. You’ll have better results if you speak their language. Now you can also use a quiz like this to segment by stage of growth. So if you’re serving for example jut photographers, someone who’s just starting out will need something. They’ll have different problems, pain points, needs, wants, aspirations, and someone who’s been doing this for 10 years.

So you can segment on that spectrum of growth, you can segment out those people, and then speak to them in a way that acknowledges what they’re going through right now. You can also use quiz funnels as a diagnostic tool. Now that’s not how they’re using it in this example because they’re selling just one core offer.

But if you have multiple offers, and they were relevant, or they would be relevant for different types of groups in your core audience, then you can use a quiz to kind of segment those out. And then send them down the funnel towards the product or services most relevant for them.

Finally, if you would like help planning, building or launching a quiz funnel like this one in your business, so that you can grow your email list with the right people and boost your sales, then come on over to and start a project discussion with me.