Hi, I’m Paige, Funnel Strategist, Conversion Copywriter, and founder of Impact Copywriter. In this video, I’m going to talk about automation and the realistic expectations you can expect when using marketing and sales funnels.

Something I’m noticing lately is that people have this unrealistic expectation that you can automate your funnels 100%, you can set it and forget it, just basically go live on a beach and make money 24/7. Now, I’d say that for 99% of businesses, that is simply not true. It’s unrealistic to expect that you can automate your entire funnel and you never have to look at it again.

The good news is you can automate a lot of your funnel. I’d say anywhere from 90 to 95% of your workload could be automated, at least in the marketing and sales space. You can automate things like your lead gen, building credibility for your sales funnel, all the way up to a purchase decision on or up to an application, where they’re filling in an application. You can automate some of the onboarding processes when someone purchases something.

Then there are some things that you still can’t automate or I wouldn’t recommend automating them until you’ve done them by hand and really have ironed out all the kinks. Things like screening applications to see who you all work with. Things like sales calls or meetings. A lot of the manual doing the actual service package work can’t be completely automated. Some of your workflows can be automated and some can’t, so you just have to rely on smart systems to keep it flowing.

There’s probably a lot you could still be automating in your business for sure, but having the realistic expectation that 100% automation is impossible. Even though you’re automating a lot of that, someone still has to go in there, look at the data, look at the analytics, and then figure out what’s not working, what’s working well, where can we improve, where are the leaks, how are we going to optimize? That still requires human creativity.

One more thing, the human-to-human element is really important. I was just privy to a conversation a few days ago where a very talented business owner was complaining about a product she purchased, or a course she purchased, because it was a high dollar course, and the founder was never in there.

It’s important to realize that especially when you’re selling premium courses, coaching programs, and service packages, people are buying access to you. They want to interact with you. That’s why they’re paying such a high dollar price.

I think it’s important when we talk about funnels to balance automation with the human element. How much can we automate without losing the human touch and the value that the customer or the client gets from that human touch? In general, the more expensive something gets, the more human interaction you need.

There’s a big difference between selling a $7 tripwire digital download and a $25,000 coaching package. The goal of automation is to automate those low value, menial tasks; things like sending out the same email to 1,000 people, or building some of that initial trust, and educating on your processes. Things like that can be automated, they should be automated because that frees up your time for higher value tasks, things like working with people one-on-one, hosting webinars where you’re actually solving problems in real time, figuring out what’s holding a client back. That’s what we really want to focus our time on.

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