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Having too many options creates friction. Friction creates indecision. And indecisions means…

your prospects don’t buy.


Years ago there was a famous marketing study that researched purchasing behavior with jams in a supermarket. One jam stand had only 6 flavors. The other had over 20.

Guess which stand sold more jam. Surprise! The one with less options.

The study concluded that having less options to choose from resulted in more sales.


The 900% increase success story

I recently had a service provider who got this exact same feedback from his clients. There were just too many service options listed on his website. His prospects didn’t know exactly what they needed. And there was way too much to choose from. As a result, they didn’t choose anything.

This is what it feels like for your clients:

It’s like staring at a really big menu. You’re immediately overwhelmed with what to order. And you take forever to decide.

Actually, it’s worse. Because at a restaurant, you know what the foods are. So you can pick something.

Staring at an exhaustive service catalogue + having no idea what you’re looking at is more like ordering from a massive menu in a foreign language.

(That’s exactly what happened to me and my hubby in France. Guess what? We had to let the server order for us because we had no basis for choosing for ourselves.)


How to de-overwhelm your service offerings

The good news is there are some easy ways to fix this “service overload” problem.


#1. Make the first step a consult.

It might be a free 30 minutes call or a longer paid consult. The goal is to give them only 1 option: either schedule a consult or don’t. It’s a Yes/No decision. Later in the call, you can diagnosis the services your prospect needs.

If you go with this strategy, remember to simplify the service section on your website and make you primary call to action “schedule a consult” throughout the site + in any related funnels.


#2. Sell a productized service or service packages.

(But no more than 3. Less is always better).

Packages + productized services are have clearly defined packages + set prices that don’t change. You’ll see consultants often offer roadmapping or intensive strategy sessions, costing anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Packaging your services inside clearly defined boundaries reduces the number of things a prospect has to compare and decide on – and decreases the friction of buying something.


This is what we did with my client

With the client I mentioned earlier, we decided to start with paid consult.

The campaign was a tremendous success, increasing weekly paid consults by 900%. It was so effective, it overwhelmed my client’s calendar + sales teams, and we’ve discussed increasing the consult rate.


Make sure you watch the video below to see a simple funnel you can use to…

get 2x, 3x or even 10x more qualified consults booked on your calendar.