7 Smart funnel systems to save you time & effort (Plus! tools + a micro funnel tour)

In today’s short video, I’m sharing my top 7 funnel systems that you can start using in your biz right away. Psst! Don’t miss the micro funnel walk-through at the end.

  • 0:24 – #1. The system that keeps leads from falling through the cracks (+ the tool you need)
  • 1:25 – #2. The system that keeps cluttered project talk out of your inbox (+ the tool I use)
  • 2:02 – #3. The system that’ll always keep your team on the same page
  • 2:47 – #4. The system that lets you write client emails faster (Never write from scratch!)
  • 5:14 – #5. The system that helps you get paid (+ the 2 tools I use)
  • 7:38 – #6. The system that sells more services with no negotiations
  • 8:20 – #7. My favorite! The system that brings leads to your biz 24/7 so you can spend less time hunting for them
  • 9:23 – Take a peek inside this micro funnel framework

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