5 ways to make your quiz work harder for your funnel (so you don’t have to)

“Work smarter, not harder” is my #1 business motto, with “be more strategic” coming in at a close second. I like to focus on the 20% of activities that cause 80% of the impact on my goals.

That’s why when I set out to create a quiz to help you figure out which funnel you should be using, I had 2 goals:

Be useful. Be strategic

Being useful is a given. No one’s going to want to take your quiz if it’s not useful, right? So your quiz results have to be useful in some way to your web visitors.

Successful quizzes are useful. But they aren’t necessarily strategic.

A quiz can be about soooooo much more than just building your list and collecting email addresses.

And I’d argue it should be.

So today I want to share with you 5 easy ways to be more strategic with your quizzes so that they work harder for your funnel.

#1. Use your quiz as a diagnostic tool.

Sure, quizzes should be fun. And you’ll find a lot of quizzes out there that have been created purely for entertainment purposes.

However, if you want your quiz to have more funnel impact, it also needs to be useful both for you and your business.

Here’s what I mean by that.

I’m betting you have a suite of products and services for different customers, customers in different stages, customers with different needs, etc. Am I right?

Not all prospects are a good fit. They need to meet certain criteria.

Think. Could you use your quiz to help potential customers know where they are on the spectrum and what they need to do next?

You bet you can.

By using quiz results that are also diagnostic, I can send people with specific results through different funnels. This way, they only see the offer that’s right for them.

It’s intentional. It’s specific. And it’s more effective than the spray and pray approach to marketing.

Here’s how I did it:

I realized a core problem for my prospects was not knowing what funnel (blueprint) they should use to sell their products and services. That’s a huge barrier to selling my funnel starter kits.

Barriers = inaction = no sales

These kinds of conversion-slaying barriers have to be addressed. Enter my quiz. Less than 10 short questions designed to diagnose the funnel that’s most appropriate for you’re selling.

Using this quiz as a diagnostic tool I can send funnel specific freebies, digital products, and more to people who get a specific funnel result.

#2. Use individual quiz answers to segment + personalize.

With my preferred quiz tool Interact, I can not only segment by quiz result but also by individual quiz answer.

This feature gives me greater personalization options. Lets me learn more about the people attracted to this quiz. And helps me create better content and offers in the future.

I’ll admit, I’m not yet using answer segmentation to its greatest potential. Here’s an example of what I’m collecting so far.

#3. Use video to deliver your results.

Video. Video. Video! I recommend using video whenever possible. It’s the best way to create that in-person connection online.

Like with Upgraded Thank You Pages (which you’ll hear more about in your results video if you take the Funnel Fit Quiz), use video on the results pages to walk your new lead through the results and what they means.

This is an excellent way to start the relationship-building and to demonstrate your expertise.

With Interact, you can embed a YouTube video in the results section like this:  

#4. Present quizzers with the next step in your funnel.

After you’ve delivered the results (with a video), what happens next?

That’s exactly what your prospects are thinking.

I’ve got my results. Now what?

With Interact, you can add call to action button to each result page.

This is an opportune time to present new leads with the next step in your funnel. Maybe it’s a video training (like a webinar or video course) that’s result-specific. Maybe it’s a sales page with your first offer. Maybe it’s something else entirely.

What you ultimately decide to use as your next step will vary depending on your funnel.

(Keep in mind here, only a small percentage will actually take the next step right away. So make sure you have a follow-up email sequence in place too.)

At the time of writing this post, most of my call to action buttons are hidden. I’m not ready to take quizzers to the next step yet. But I plan to lead them to funnel-specific starter kits that will be available in The Sales Funnel Shop in the near future.

#5. Use a branded landing page + URL.

Though Interact has a clean looking landing page, and you can upload your logo, it’s still very brand neutral.

And the URL is, of course, tied to the Interact domain.

There are more branding possibilities when you embed your quiz into a branded landing page on your site. First, you can use a branded URL like yourdomain.com/quiz (or whatever you decide to use). Immediately, people will recognize your brand. Second, you can use your brand colors, fonts, and design style.

Since my website is built using Divi, I embedded my quiz on a branded landing page with a headline.

Update: This specific quiz has been retired. So, don’t go look for it. 🙂

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