Hi, I’m Paige, funnel strategist, conversion copywriter, and founder of The Impact Copywriter. In this video, we’re going to talk about the number one simplest way or simplest tweak you can use to keep more people inside of your funnel.

You see… you need to understand that a funnel is a pathway and people are following your pathway and when they feel like they’ve stepped off or they’ve ended up somewhere they weren’t expecting to end up, they jump ship. They abandon. They leave your funnel, leaving you with no more sales. No more conversions.

There are subtle clues you can leave in your funnel (I like to call them breadcrumbs) that tell people they’re still on the right track. They’re still on the right pathway and that they’re going where they think they’re going. If you break that, if you don’t have those breadcrumbs then I might think as a visitor, “Am I really … are they really going to give me what they say they’re going to give me?” I start to become skeptical. I might even think that I’m going to be scammed or that this offer is not legit or this free thing is not legit and that I’m just wasting my time. We don’t want that. That’s why we’re going to leave breadcrumbs throughout the funnel to signal to people that they’re still on the right track.

DigitalMarketer calls this “scent”, as in what you smell. Copy Hackers calls this “message match”. I call it breadcrumbs. What we call it doesn’t matter. The concept is the same. To create a consistent feeling, or to create breadcrumbs throughout your funnel, you really have to pay attention to two core parts.

Part one is the visuals. Things like your branding, your logo, your colors, your font type, your font size. What your buttons look like, your shapes, your images. All of the visuals that you can have on a page should flow through the funnel. They should be on brand. If you’re using a certain image on an ad, then you should also have a similar image or the same image on the landing page that you land on. Things like that. You just want to have a consistent feel through the funnel and using visuals is one way to leave breadcrumbs. So that I know as a visitor that I am continuing down the right pathway.

As soon as I notice a disruption in those visuals, I’m already starting to question rather I should go forward. “Is this a scam? Am I really going to end up where I think I’m going to end up? Is it going to be worth me spending my precious time and effort to continue down this pathway?”

Part two of your breadcrumbs is your messaging. That is referring to the copy that you use in your funnel, especially on your headlines. Your copy doesn’t need to match word for word, but the message still needs to be the same. If in an ad you were talking about “saving money” when I go to a landing page I should also read a headline that is conveying the message about “saving money”. It doesn’t have to be word for word. Just remember that the message has to be the same.

To sum up, these subtle clues, the visuals and the messaging leave breadcrumbs throughout your funnel. They tell me as a visitor that I’m still on the right path. That I’m going to get to where I want to go. That it is worth my time and energy to continue to travel along this funnel pathway. Disruptions in those bread crumbs, in those messages, in those visuals signal that I might be off the path. That it’s not worth my time and energy to continue. And that someone may be trying to lead me into a dangerous situation. Really try to pay attention to the bread crumbs that you’re leaving in your funnels to keep your visitors on the pathway and keep them from abandoning your funnel so you can boost your sales and get more conversions.

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