I’m here to help you sell more
with smart, strategic sales funnels

Hi, I’m Paige Poutiainen, your certified funnel strategist and conversion copywriter.

I started The Impact Copywriter in 2016, as a perfect blend of my natural writing talents, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and strategic business model brain.

Creating + growing online businesses gets me excited!

But… as an ambitious business owner, I quickly learned that your company can suck you dry, steal your time, and consume your daily life… if you let it.

That’s not the kind of business I want.
And I’m betting, neither do you.

That’s why I wholeheartedly promote a smarter way of growing an online business—leveraging (mostly) automated, strategic sales funnels.

Cheers to building companies that are fun, profitable, and fulfilling!

I design funnel to reach your business goals

I’m *obsessed* with sales funnels. And you should be too.

That’s because successful online businesses are built on smart systems that take your customers from “who are you?” to “how can I work with you right now?!”

As a certified funnel strategist, I know how to design your funnel to support your business goals, leverage time-saving automation, and focus on fewer strategic moves that have the biggest impact potential for your company.

I create landing pages + emails that encourage action

As a certified conversion copywriter, I know how to craft landing pages, emails, video scripts, and more that turn your…

  • website visitors into subscribers,
  • subscribers into new clients, and
  • new clients into loyal, repeat clients.

With conversion-focused copywriting, you get more signups, students enrolled, applications submitted, and packages purchased.

I’ve worked with CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs from around the world to help them boost their sales with funnels and conversion copywriting.

Click below to find out how I can help you plan, build, and optimize sales-boosting funnels: