Funnel strategist, conversion copywriter + all-around automation nerd

Nice to meet you! I’m Paige.

Sales Funnel Certified + Obsessed

I’m a *little bit* obsessed with sales funnels… Okay, you got me. I’m A LOT obsessed with sales funnels.

As a conversion copywriter, I quickly realized great copy was utterly useless in the hands of someone who couldn’t put together a solid sales funnel.

Now I bring the power of both worlds to my clients’ projects. 

Copy School Certified + 7 more

“So why are you *The Impact* Copywriter?”

5+ Years in Digital Marketing

  • I’m the CEO of The Impact Copywriter.
  • I’ve been the Chief Marketing Officer, Customer Development Team, Head of Marketing + Communications at pretty cool startups.
  • I’m a proud member of the Copywriter Think Tank.
  • I have a Master’s degree in Business Administration + Economics.
  • I wrote my Master’s thesis on Designing Out Waste: An Exploratory Study of Circular Business Models
  • I was a contributing author in Business Models for a Circular Economy: 7 Companies Paving the Way