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Writing fluff is easy. High-converting, persuasive copy takes work. 

All landing pages sell the next step in your funnel - whether it’s to subscribe, to download, to click-thru, to signup, to donate, or to buy. 

Sadly, 99% of landing page do a poor job, costing you sales and sometimes your business and your impact.

It's frustrating. You click publish on your shiny new landing page… only to watch visitor after visitor leave… over and over again… with no idea why.  

Writing great landing page copy isn’t easy. And this is why:

There’s a lot of vague and bad advice out there. There’s only so much you can learn from Googling “how to write better copy”. Not to mention, knowing the techniques doesn’t mean you know how to use them effectively. 

We’re living in a short-attention-span world. If your messages, hooks, and headlines don’t grab attention and keep it, your landing page is done for.  

If writing high-converting landing pages was easy - well - you wouldn’t be here. But you are here, and that means: I can help you.

I incorporate data, formulas, frameworks, and proven persuasion techniques with the goal of handing you landing page copy that converts.

I do this through a process called conversion copywriting:

  1. Research + Discovery
  2. Writing + Wireframing
  3. Testing, Validation + Learning

The result is copy that's ultra-specific, lazer-focused, built on real customer experiences, and that stands out from your competitors.

What's included:

  • Voice-of-customer research + findings report
  • Light competitor messaging audit + findings reports
  • Writing + editing persuasive copy engineered for conversions
  • Suggestions for A/B tests where necessary
  • Video walk-through of why I've written the copy a certain way
  • Wireframe (AKA how the copy should be displayed on the page)
  • Regular updates on the progress of your project every 1-3 days

I can provide additional assistance post completion, e.g. for creative feedback on visual design.

Add-on services:

  • Desktop + mobile-optimized landing page built in your Instapage or Unbounce
  • Ongoing A/B test design, maintenance + optimization


Lead Magnet + Opt-in Pages

  • Copy + Wireframe, starting at $800
  • Copy + Design, starting at $1200

Sales Pages (including free trial pages)

  • Copy + Wireframe, starting at $2200
  • Copy + Design, starting at $2900


  • Copy + Wireframe, starting at $2200
  • Copy + Design, starting at $2900

Paige Poutiainen

Conversion Copywriter


  • Copy School
  • 10x Landing Pages
  • 10x Emails
  • 10x Launches
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Inbound Sales


  • 5+ Years in Digital Marketing, including Copywriter, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing + Communications, Customer Development
  • Master's in Business Administration + Economics

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